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Sulfur or sulphur (symbol S) is a chemical element, archaically known as brimstone.

The idiom "fire and brimstone" was often used in reference to Hell. (VOY: "Spirit Folk") Similarly, in a line of dialogue from the Shakespeare play Hamlet, a ghost mentioned "sulphurous and tormenting flames" which he would have to render himself to. (TOS: "The Conscience of the King")

The sulfur lagoons of Hokath were a vacationing spot favored by the Voth. (VOY: "Distant Origin") Similarly, the sulfur lagoons of Gorath were used as a test of endurance for Klingons on the Day of Honor. (VOY: "Day of Honor")

In 2369, Kira Nerys told Bajoran farmer Mullibok, after supper in his cottage, that he couldn't stay on the moon Jerrado. Once the tapping started, the moon's crust would release sulfur and carbon compounds that would make Jeraddo's air unbreathable. (DS9: "Progress")

The Doctor, after being transferred to the Alpha Quadrant to treat an uncooperative Lewis Zimmerman, suggested he would be off to visit and explore sulfur mines if Zimmerman continued to object to being treated. (VOY: "Life Line")

In a deleted or unfilmed scene from DS9: "Emissary", Benjamin Sisko commented that a harsh landscape he was seeing in the Bajoran wormhole couldn't "beat the sulfuric mine pits of Hadas IV." [1]

Sulfur compounds

Sulfur crystal

When combined with potassium nitrate and coal, sulfur could be used to create gunpowder. (TOS: "A Private Little War") Native sulfur could be found on a desert planet where, in 2267, James T. Kirk fought a Gorn captain. While pitted against the aforementioned Gorn captain, Kirk included some of the native sulfur from the planet's surface in the creation of gunpowder which he fired at the Gorn. (TOS: "Arena")

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