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Surrounded by the Federation armada, the crew attempts to stop their ship from destroying all of Starfleet.


On the bridge of the USS Dauntless, Commander Tysess speaks to Admiral Edward Jellico who questions why Vice Admiral Kathryn Janeway was declared medically unfit when she seemed perfectly fine when he spoke with her earlier. Jellico (after an advisement from Asencia) orders Tysess to take down the USS Protostar's shields and board that ship.

Meanwhile, the Protostar crew finds itself face to face with an armada of Starfleet ships but unable to open a hail because that would trigger the living construct weapon. Soon, Zero regains control of the ship by "hotwiring" it. Weaving in between the ships of the armada, the Protostar is able to evade "enemy" fire. Dal R'El tries to encourage the crew by saying they'll all laugh about this when they're at Starfleet Academy. Gwyn, discreetly, stops Rok-Tahk from telling Dal that he won't be able to join.

Unfortunately, their shields drop and Gwyn goes to the armory to get weapons to use against the boarding party. However, Dal stops her, arguing that firing against Starfleet officers will look bad on her Academy application. Gwyn begins to break the news to Dal but he misreads the situation and impulsively kisses her. Surprised, Gwyn asks what he's doing and then breaks the news that he won't be able to join Starfleet because of the Augment ban. Stunned for a moment, he takes her weapon, and says that, while he might not be able to join, he's going to make sure the others have the opportunity.

On the Dauntless, Admiral Janeway tries to convince the ensign standing guard outside the brig that Starfleet is in imminent danger. When Janeway tells the guard that she can be trusted, the officer turns around and says that she knows she can. The ensign doesn't expect Janeway to remember her, because nine years earlier when she was just a child, she was one of the twelve Brenari refugees that USS Voyager hid from the Devore and had sent through a wormhole in the Delta Quadrant. The ensign is only alive now because of Janeway's actions. The officer releases Janeway who rushes to the bridge.

Meanwhile, Asencia enters the transporter room, immobilize the boarding party and, with the assistance of The Diviner and Drednok, transport to the Protostar themselves. On the Protostar, Drednok overpowers the kids, except for Gwyn who is on the bridge, with a gravity mine which makes them unable to move. When Murf tries to stop Drednok by attacking him, Drednock literally freezes him.

At the same time, Asencia and the Diviner make it to the bridge where they find Gwyn. Asencia immediately disables Hologram Janeway, and concerned about his loyalty to his daughter, locks the Diviner in the subdeck with the Living Construct. Armed with her own Vau N'Akat heirloom, she engages Gwyn in a vicious sword fight. Though Gwyn is able to land a blow that leaves a scar on Asencia's face, Asencia gets the upper hand, while calling Gwyn a "mistake that shouldn't exist".

Suddenly, the Diviner escapes from the subdeck and Asencia uses Gwyn as a hostage to control him. However, he uses his mind to send Gwyn’s heirloom towards Asencia's face. Unfortunately, she catches it and throws it straight into his abdomen, landing a fatal blow. Gwyn cradles her father as he dies and evaporates around her.

Still pinned down, Rok, who had fallen on top of Jankom Pog, engages in some quick thinking and uses his multi-mitt torch to melt a frozen Murf, who frees Zero from the energy disrupter, leaving Zero able to free Dal who knocks the gravity mine away. They all rush to the bridge just in time to watch the Vindicator escape using Drednok as an escape pod. Unfortunately, before her escape, she sends out a hail – thus activating the living construct.

On the Dauntless, Janeway makes it to the bridge but it's too late – the entire armada has begun firing at one another. At the same time, it seems the universal translator has also been knocked out, not only on the Protostar, but for the entire armada. Luckily, Gwyn knows several languages and, after comforting a frightened Rok and Jankom, contacts the admiral to volunteer as a translator for the fleet.

On the Protostar, Dal suggests that, since the living construct only affects Starfleet vessels, they ask others for help. Hologram Janeway echoes that, stating that thre may be some non-Starfleet allies who might be willing to lend a hand. Gwyn sends out a distress call and successfully contacts a Klingon captain named Trij, who agrees to render aid. Soon, other ships arrive, including a Petarian bulk freighter, a Ferengi D'Kora-class Marauder, a Vulcan Suurok-class vessel, and a Gorn trading vessel, that attempt to deflect phaser and torpedo blasts so that Starfleet personnel can be beamed off the ships.

Unfortunately, since Starfleet vessels automatically send out distress calls when they are under attack, more and more Starfleet vessels begin arriving at the scene.

Memorable quotes[]

"Jankom calls that maneuver the Slippery Dipsy-Doodle!"
"Great work! Except for that name!"

- Jankom and Dal

"Starfleet left my people to tear ourselves apart. And now, I will watch your Federation do the same."

- Asencia, broadcasting to the fleet

"…They've lost control of their ships, and it won't stop until Starfleet destroys themselves. I am requesting your aid in our immediate assistance, and help relaying this message to all our non-Federation allies. We beg you. Your transports, your freights, your shields. Anything that will slow the attack Starfleet is inflicting upon itself."
"And why should I help?"
"Because in the infinite of space, everyone needs to know there is a place out there willing to accept us all, no matter how different we think we are. Without Starfleet, the Federation crumbles, and that dream dies with it. If they've ever helped you as they helped us, then hear my words. Allies, civilians, outsiders, anyone. Starfleet needs you now, or it will not survive."

- Gwyn and Trij

"There's nothing we can do. We can't warp away; we can't stop the signal. It's annihilation."

- Gwyn

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  • The episode was released on 25 November 2022 on CANAL+ online in Poland ahead of US release.


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"abandon ship"; "all hands"; Andorian; Andorian language; augment; boarding party; Bolian; "brace for impact"; brains; Brenari; bridge; brig; Brikar; Brikar language; brothers; burden; captain (title); casualties; combadge; computer; crew; damage report; daughter; destruction; Devore; distress call; door; Drednok; engine room; ensign; epigenetic dermal implant; escape pods; evasive maneuvers; father; Federation; Federation space; Federation Standard; firewall; First Contact; Gamma Serpentis; General Orders and Regulations; gravity mine; hail; heirloom; holo-emitters; hot-wiring; hull; hybrid; impostor; impulse; Klingon; Klingonese; language; Library Computer Access and Retrieval System; lieutenant; living construct; Medusan; Mellanoid slime worm; message; mission; mistake; multi-mitt; Orion; people; phaser array; problem; progeny; proto-core; proto-warp; reaction control thruster; refugee; reputation; Romulan Neutral Zone; salvation; shields; sisters; Slippery Dipsy-Doodle; Solum; SOS; space; species; spirit's song; "stand by"; Starfleet; Starfleet Academy; Starfleet Command; Starfleet uniform; starship; targets; Tars Lamora; Tellarite; Tellarite language; threats; translator; transmission; Trill; truth; type 2 phaser; type 3 phaser; universal translator; Vau N'Akat; Vulcan; weapon; welcome; welcome wagon; years; "Z"

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Akira-class (unnamed); Centaur, USS; Centaur-type (unnamed); Class 5 Bird-of-Prey (unnamed); Enterprise-E, USS; D'Kora-class (unnamed); Dauntless, USS; Dauntless-class; Defiant, USS; Defiant-class (unnamed); Gorn trading vessel (unnamed); Petarian bulk freighter (unnamed); Protostar, USS; Protostar-class; Sovereign, USS; Sovereign-class (unnamed); Suurok-class (unnamed); Tellarite cruiser (unnamed); Thunderchild, USS; Trij's Bird-of-Prey; Voyager, USS

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