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Commander Suran was an officer in the Romulan military, and a co-conspirator in the plot to elevate Shinzon to the position of praetor of the Romulan Empire in 2379.

Suran initially attempted to plead Shinzon's case to the Romulan Senate, but was soundly rebuffed by the praetor. The entire senate was subsequently assassinated by fellow conspirator, Senator Tal'aura, via a small thalaron generator.

Later, Suran questioned Shinzon as to why he was delaying a previously-promised attack on the Federation, an act which caused Shinzon to question Suran's loyalty. Shinzon subsequently ordered Commander Donatra, another one of his military advisors, to keep Suran under surveillance. However, when Donatra discovered that Shinzon was planning to eliminate all life on Earth using thalaron radiation, she held a covert conversation with Suran, questioning whether they truly desired to stand by as Shinzon committed genocide. (Star Trek Nemesis)


Background information

Suran was portrayed by Jude Ciccolella.


In the novelization of Star Trek Nemesis, Suran is the commander of the second Valdore-type Warbird at the Battle in the Bassen Rift, whose warbird is destroyed, but this is not confirmed in either the movie or the script. In the novel, his relationship with Donatra is portrayed as close, even paternal.

In Taking Wing and The Red King, Suran continues to command the Romulan military jointly with Donatra, but is killed by her after he obstructs the evacuation of the Neyel homeworld.

Star Trek Online's backstory describes Suran's death at Donatra's hands as a false rumor, and Suran is said to be alive and to bear no ill will toward Donatra in the period following Romulus' destruction.

The Star Trek Customizable Card Game has Suran commanding the Norexan-class warbird Soterus.

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