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Susan Reccius (born 15 April 1945; age 75) is a studio teacher who worked as on set teacher for child actors Trinity Drayton and Moses Storm on Tuesday 14 August 2001, the fifth day of filming on the Star Trek: Enterprise first season episode "Terra Nova".

In 1963, she graduted from North Hollywood High School. [1] She then attended California State University in Northridge where she graduated in Political Science.

In the mid-1990s, Reccius worked as studio teacher on the daily soap Days of Our Lives. [2] Other projects on which she worked as set and studio teacher include the fantasy adventure Stuart Little (1999), the television series The Wonderful World of Disney (2000, with Brent Spiner, Rene Auberjonois, Anthony Crivello, Scarlett Pomers, Anton Yelchin, Kane Hodder, Noby Arden, Mark Chadwick, and Svetla Krasteva), the comedy Band Camp (2005, with Lily Mariye), and the comedy Mama's Boy (2007, with Dennis Cockrum).

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