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Suzi Shimizu was the production accountant on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager, and Star Trek: Enterprise. She was responsible for estimating budgets, managing finances, and keeping financial records during each show's production.

Her name made its way into a number of in-joke references on these shows, including Lt. Suzi Shimizu and S. Shimizu. She also came up with the name for Alyssa Ogawa at the request of script coordinator Eric Stillwell. Shimizu decided on the first name of Alyssa, after her daughter, and the last name of Ogawa, which is Shimizu's maiden name. Shimizu folded the blue paper bird for the Enterprise episode "A Night in Sickbay". (ENT Season 2 DVD special feature, Ronald B. Moore interview)

After Enterprise was canceled in 2005, Shimizu went on to work on another UPN series, Everybody Loves Chris, until 2006. She then worked as production accountant on the comedy series Better Off Ted (2009) and Traffic Light (2011).

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