Sveta was a member of the Maquis and a friend of Chakotay. She recruited him into the Maquis some time around 2370. She had also known B'Elanna Torres. As of 2374 she was in a prison, like the few other Maquis to escape Dominion's massacre of the Maquis in 2373.

In 2374, she sent a letter to Chakotay aboard the USS Voyager via the Hirogen communications network. (VOY: "Hunters")

This character was only mentioned in dialogue.
Sveta originated in the Jeri Taylor novel Pathways. Svetlana "Sveta" Korepanova was an Academy friend of Chakotay who later encouraged him to join the Maquis and defend his home planet in the Demilitarized Zone from the Cardassians.
Chakotay described Sveta as an old friend. However, B'Elanna was surprised that she would write him.
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