Mirror Universe
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For the prime universe counterpart, please see Sylvia Tilly.
"I'm nothing like her, Michael. She's terrifying, she's… she's like a twisted version of everything I've ever aspired to be. I'm gonna have nightmares about myself now."

Captain Sylvia Tilly was a female Terran Imperial Starfleet officer who lived during the mid-23rd century.

By late 2256, she was the captain of the ISS Discovery. She had assumed command by killing the ship's previous captain, who had been recovering from the Crestian flu.

Prior to Discovery, she had been at the Imperial Starfleet Academy. Among the locations where which she distinguished herself during her career were Quam, Elpha, and Purmata VI. She was also known as "The Slayer of Sorna Prime", "The Witch of Wurna Minor", and "Captain Killy". (DIS: "Despite Yourself")

Working closely with Emperor Georgiou, who claimed they had great fun together, they subjugated the Betazoids and "wiped out" Mintaka III. (DIS: "Will You Take My Hand?")

During her career, she won the Valor, Master of Poisons, and 50 Kills medals. (DIS: "Despite Yourself")


Background information

The image of Tilly was portrayed by Mary Wiseman.

Tilly was presumably killed when the Discovery was destroyed in the prime universe.


The mirror Tilly and the ISS Discovery appear in the "Mirror of Discovery" storyline in Star Trek Online, as part of the game's 9th anniversary in January 2019; she is voiced by Mary Wiseman, who also voices her "original" counterpart. The ISS Discovery has been brought forward to the 25th century and into the "main" universe by an ion storm in orbit of Pahvo. Tilly is dealing both with Klingon raiders and a mutiny amongst her own crew, and requests the assistance of the player character. When she regains control of her ship, however, Tilly beams to the surface and begins subverting the Pahvan transmitters with agonizer energy, converting the crystal towers into powerful weapons and disrupting the Pahvans' natural harmony. The player is forced to beam to the surface to face Tilly and disable her agonizer generators; wounded and beaten, Tilly uses the transmitter as a long-range transporter, escaping to an unknown destination. The ISS Discovery is sent back to its proper timeline under the command of its former security chief, where it will eventually swap universes with the USS Discovery and then be destroyed by the Klingons.

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