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For the similarly named Romulan senator, please see Tal'aura.
For the Vulcan operating on Baran's mercenary ship, please see Tallera.

Admiral T'Lara was a 24th century Vulcan Starfleet flag officer.

In 2372, T'Lara presided over an extradition hearing on Deep Space 9 of Lieutenant Commander Worf, who was accused by Klingon authorities of firing on an unarmed civilian transport.

During the hearing, she allowed the Klingon prosecutor Ch'Pok to proceed down a line of questioning examining Worf's feelings and motives at the time of the incident, even after Captain Sisko's objections, though only as far as logic permitted. When Ch'Pok later submitted evidence obtained from Worf's private database without obtaining a proper search order, T'Lara immediately rejected it as evidence. She later threatened to hold him in contempt of court when he stepped "well beyond the bounds of protocol" as he coerced Worf into a heated argument.

Ultimately, she found Worf innocent of the charges when it was revealed the whole incident was an elaborate plot developed by the Klingon Empire. (DS9: "Rules of Engagement")


Background information

T'Lara was played by actress Deborah Strang in her only Star Trek appearance.

The script for "Rules of Engagement" simply describes T'Lara as "an older Vulcan female." (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion - A Series Guide and Script Library, [1])


In the Star Trek: The Original Series eBook, The Darkness Drops Again, T'Lara held the rank of Ensign, and was assigned as helmsman of the USS Enterprise under Captain Spock in the year 2282. She also made an appearance in the Star Trek: The Next Generation novel, The Buried Age, as a Captain assigned to defend Jean-Luc Picard at his court martial, following the loss of the USS Stargazer.

She again received a brief mention in the Star Trek: Destiny novel, Mere Mortals, when Alynna Nechayev told Edward Jellico that he can delegate to T'Lara his dealings with the Federation Council as part of his role as Commander in chief. The novel, A Singular Destiny, depicted T'Lara's retirement from Starfleet, later becoming a consultant to the T'Shiro Cultural Exchange. In February 2381, she appeared as a panelist on Illuminating the City of Light, discussing the aftermath of a recent Borg Invasion.

A mirror universe version of T'Lara (β) appeared in the Star Trek: Mirror Universe anthology short story, Shards and Shadows: A Terrible Beauty, as a friend to Keiko Ishikawa. In 2375, T'Lara showed Keiko holovids of Spock's ascension to the throne of the Terran Empire.

T'Lara appears in the Entropy's Demise scenario in Star Trek Adventures - These Are The Voyages.

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