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"Perhaps if you did not spend all of your time following rules, you too would appreciate that there is more for us to learn and achieve."
– T'Lyn to T'Gai, 2381 ("wej Duj")

T'Lyn was a Vulcan female who lived during the 24th century. She served in the Vulcan High Command aboard the Vulcan cruiser VCF Sh'vhal until 2381, when she was transferred to Starfleet and assigned to the USS Cerritos.

Her transfer was a result of conflict with her compatriots by her defiant (by Vulcan standards) willingness to allow her reasoning to be influenced by factors in addition to logic, such as intuition. Although the transfer was punitive, she came to feel more accepted on the Cerritos, resulting in her ultimately declining an offer to return to the Sh'vhal.

Early life[]

T'Lyn was born in 2319. (LD: "Empathological Fallacies")

Vulcan career[]


By 2381, T'Lyn served on the Sh'vhal, where her crewmates had come to see her as "unstable" due to her tendency to act on factors other than logic, such as instinct and "gut feelings". T'Lyn also happened to present herself differently in how she wore her uniform, choosing to forego wearing the sash belt that kept the outer robe enclosed.

T'Lyn enhanced the Sh'vhal's long-range sensors by implementing personal algorithms, even though her assignment has been to monitor redundant tertiary impulse systems. When the enhanced sensors detected metreon particles in system 7743.8, she reported the anomaly and the ship changed course to investigate. However, T'Lyn was ordered by Captain Sokel to spend two days in meditation due to her behavior.

The Sh'vhal not only discovered that the metreon emissions had been caused by a Varuvian bomb detonated by Pakleds, but came across the Pakled Clumpship Pakled and the Klingon Bird of Prey Che'Ta' attacking the USS Cerritos. The Sh'vhal intervened and took fire from the Pakleds and Klingons, damaging its shields. T'Lyn offered Sokel a regenerative shield amplifier she had developed as a personal project. Though the protocol was untested, he implemented it, and shields rose to 120%. The Che'ta' broke off its attack, and the Sh'vhal helped the Cerritos drive off the Pakleds.

In private, Sokel noted that T'Lyn's actions had likely saved the ship, but deemed her behavior unacceptable under his command. However, citing her lack of emotional control as a liability, he informed her that instead of having her returned to Vulcan as she expected, he had recommended that she be transferred to a Starfleet vessel, believing her instincts made her possibly a better fit to serve with Humans. Over her objection that she saw this as an unusually harsh punishment, he stated that his decision was final. (LD: "wej Duj")

Starfleet career[]

USS Cerritos[]

T'Lyn, 2381

Ensign T'Lyn aboard the Cerritos.

In the year of her transfer to Starfleet, T'Lyn was assigned to the Cerritos, to be trained alongside Ensign D'Vana Tendi in the senior science officer training program and given the provisional rank of ensign. Although T'Lyn, having to seek out Tendi at the ship's bar as that's where most of the crew had gathered for a celebration, preferred a private discussion to begin her orientation, Tendi welcomed her with an exuberance the Vulcan did not expect and insisted on introducing the Vulcan to her friends to the point of literally dragging her by the hand to do so. (LD: "The Stars At Night")

T'Lyn would periodically send Sokel transmissions of her experiences onboard the Cerritos and her personal thoughts on them, particularly emphasizing if they were trying to her Vulcan sensibilities in an apparent effort to convince him to allow her to transfer back. (LD: "Empathological Fallacies")



Background information[]

T'Lyn was voiced by Gabrielle Ruiz.

Her name was derived from that of Kathryn Lyn, who wrote the episode in which the character first appeared. Lyn cosplayed at conventions for several years as a Vulcan named T'Lyn. [1]

According to Mike McMahan, T'Lyn was the Vulcan version of Beckett Mariner. (LD Season 2 DVD, Lower Decktionary: Season 2)

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