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Chronological list of "studio models" in Star Trek: The Animated Series. While most of these designs were never strictly speaking a "model" due to the series being animated, they would have been if the format was different.

This list is of all new model designs that first appeared in The Animated Series. Information on models that represented a single design can be found in the articles linked below. Information on models that were recycled or refurbished to represent different vessels or props from different species in all series will be listed herein.

Season 1 Edit

Insectoid ship Edit

Insectoid ship

Insectoid ship

Desert flyer Edit

Desert Flyer over the L-langon Mountains

Desert flyer

Federation scout ship Edit

Federation scout ship TAS

Federation scout ship

Antares type Edit

Model variations
Robot grain ship, top-forward-starboard view Antares
"Robot grain ship"
"More Tribbles, More Troubles"
"Charlie X"

This design originally appeared in the TAS Season 1 episode "More Tribbles, More Troubles", but did not actually appear in the form of a studio model, albeit slightly modified, until the remastered version of "Charlie X". For more information on this model, see main article: Antares type.

Winston's trading vessel Edit

Winstons trading vessel

Winston's trading vessel

Robot hovercraft Edit

Drone - Spock - Healing Unit

Robot hovercraft

Motherlode hovercars Edit

Enterprise type shuttlecraft Edit


Enterprise type shuttlecraft

Enterprise shuttle Edit

Enterprise shuttle, 2269

Federation shuttlecraft

Bonaventure type Edit

Bonaventure (10281NCC)

Bonaventure type

Elysiaian ships Edit

Aqua-shuttle Edit



Scouter-gig Edit

Scouter gig wide


Copernicus type shuttlecraft Edit

Copernicus, The Slaver Weapon

Copernicus type shuttlecraft

Traitor's Claw type Edit

Traitors Claw

Traitor's Claw type

Vedala asteroid rendezvous ships Edit

Vedala asteroid starship rendezvous

Vedala asteroid rendezvous ships with the USS Enterprise in the foreground

Vedala cart Edit

Vedala cart, profile

Vedala cart

Season 2 Edit

Huron type Edit

USS Huron profile

Huron type

Orion vessel Edit

Orion pirate ship

Orion vessel

Dramen patrol ship Edit

Dramen patrol ship

Dramen patrol ship

Kukulkan's ship Edit

Model variations
Kukulkan ship Kukulkan starship side
Original appearance
Kukulkan's ship, with the image of Kukulkan projected

Karla Five's vessel Edit

Karla fives vessel-pos

Karla Five's vessel

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