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TNG Season 1 Blu-ray cover

Region A cover

Region A cover
Blu-ray Disc release
Series: Star Trek: The Next Generation
Season: One
No. of episodes: 25 (1 feature-length)
No. of discs: 6
Run time: 1184 minutes
Region A release date: 24 July 2012
Region B release date: 23 July 2012
19 October 2012 (Germany SteelBook®)
Rating(s): CHVRS - Parental Guidance BBFC - 12 IFCO - Parental Guidance FSK - Freigegeben ab 12 Jahren NICAM - Mogelijk schadelijk tot 6 jaar (Watch out with children under 6) MCCYP - 15 OFLC (Australia) - Mature
Language: English - Remix (DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1), English - Original (Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround)
Subtitles: English SDH, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish
Dubbed: German (Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround); French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish (Dolby Digital 2.0 Dual Mono)
Reference: ASIN B0083TUEHY (Region A)
ASIN B007Q1GK0A (Region B)
ASIN B008FN6VH0 (Region B German SteelBook®)
Year: 2364
TNG S1 Blu-ray (German steelbook)

Region B cover

Region B cover

Star Trek: The Next Generation – Season One is a Blu-ray Disc release, featuring the complete first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation in 1080p high-definition. Released in July 2012, the set had an impressive debut in the United States, with more than 95,000 copies sold in the first week of release. [1] The Season One remastering work was completed by CBS Digital, supervised by Craig Weiss, Denise Okuda, and Michael Okuda. [2]

This set was the first Star Trek season set to have no corresponding DVD release, as CBS kept the 2002 DVD sets on the market, just in repackaged form.

While the Region B releases were issued in identical packaging as the Region A release (save for the language and rating imprints where applicable), a limited "SteelBook®" edition was three months later released in Germany as well as an exclusive. That edition came with a collectible Star Trek related insignia pin included.

Theatrical showing[]

On 23 July 2012, the day before the set was released in North America, hundreds of movie theaters across United States and Canada held special showings of "Where No One Has Gone Before" and "Datalore", along with cut-down portions of the Blu-ray documentaries.

Missing footage[]

Two seconds of footage could not be located when CBS Digital remastered "We'll Always Have Paris" for this collection. Occurring twelve minutes, twenty-five seconds into the episode, this brief shot of actor Jonathan Frakes was included as an upconverted image from the original standard-definition videotape.

As noted on the Blu-ray packaging.

Problems with initial release[]

A number of episodes on discs 1, 3, 4, and 5 of the original release contained incorrectly-processed audio tracks and were missing a few visual effects. On 30 July 2012, CBS Home Entertainment and Paramount Pictures announced a free replacement program for the affected discs in the Region A release. [3] The four replacement discs were delivered to American purchasers beginning in late August 2012, and included a note of apology from CBS Home Entertainment. [4] The replacement Region A discs can be distinguished from the originals by locating the Starfleet insignia on the corrected discs.

Disc contents[]

"Encounter at Farpoint" (91:22)
"The Naked Now" (45:34)
"Code of Honor" (45:30)
Special Features
"The Last Outpost" (45:36)
"Where No One Has Gone Before" (45:34)
"Lonely Among Us" (45:33)
"Justice" (45:33)
"The Battle" (45:31)
Special Features
  • Episodic Promos
"Hide And Q" (45:32)
"Haven" (45:33)
"The Big Goodbye" (45:32)
"Datalore" (45:33)
"Angel One" (45:32)
Special Features
  • Episodic Promos
"11001001" (45:32)
"Too Short A Season" (45:31)
"When The Bough Breaks" (45:35)
"Home Soil" (45:33)
"Coming of Age" (45:29)
Special Features
  • Episodic Promos
"Heart of Glory" (45:33)
"The Arsenal of Freedom" (45:32)
"Symbiosis" (45:31)
"Skin Of Evil" (45:31)
"We'll Always Have Paris" (45:31)
Special Features
  • Episodic Promos
"Conspiracy" (45:36)
"The Neutral Zone" (45:34)
Special Features
Archival Features
  • The Beginning (2002)
  • Selected Crew Analysis (2002)
  • The Making of a Legend (2002)
  • Memorable Missions (2002)
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