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TNG Season 7 photo shoot

The Season 7 cast


Title Episode Production number Stardate US release date
"Descent, Part II" 7x01 40277-253 47025.4 1993-09-20
"Liaisons" 7x02 40277-254 Unknown 1993-09-27
"Interface" 7x03 40277-255 47215.5 1993-10-04
"Gambit, Part I" 7x04 40277-256 47135.2 1993-10-11
"Gambit, Part II" 7x05 40277-257 47160.1–47169.2 1993-10-18
"Phantasms" 7x06 40277-258 47225.7 1993-10-25
"Dark Page" 7x07 40277-259 47254.1 1993-11-01
"Attached" 7x08 40277-260 47304.2 1993-11-08
"Force of Nature" 7x09 40277-261 47310.2–47314.5 1993-11-15
"Inheritance" 7x10 40277-262 47410.2 1993-11-22
"Parallels" 7x11 40277-263 47391.2 1993-11-29
"The Pegasus" 7x12 40277-264 47457.1 1994-01-10
"Homeward" 7x13 40277-265 47423.9–47427.2 1994-01-17
"Sub Rosa" 7x14 40277-266 Unknown 1994-01-31
"Lower Decks" 7x15 40277-267 47566.7 1994-02-07
"Thine Own Self" 7x16 40277-268 47611.2 1994-02-14
"Masks" 7x17 40277-269 47615.2–47618.4 1994-02-21
"Eye of the Beholder" 7x18 40277-270 47623.2 1994-02-28
"Genesis" 7x19 40277-271 47653.2 1994-03-21
"Journey's End" 7x20 40277-272 47751.2–47755.3 1994-03-28
"Firstborn" 7x21 40277-273 47779.4 1994-04-25
"Bloodlines" 7x22 40277-274 47829.1–47831.8 1994-05-02
"Emergence" 7x23 40277-275 47869.2 1994-05-09
"Preemptive Strike" 7x24 40277-276 47941.7–47943.2 1994-05-16
"All Good Things..." 7x25/26 40277-747 47988 1994-05-23


The crew defeats Lore and his group of rogue Borg. Geordi La Forge struggles with the loss of his mother, while Data discovers his own. The captain foils a terrorist plot by Vulcan isolationists. It is discovered that warp drive damages subspace. William T. Riker is forced to choose between his loyalties to an old captain and Picard. Deanna Troi and Beverly Crusher learn long-kept family secrets. Worf meets a future version of Alexander Rozhenko, and both he and Deanna consider a romance. Wesley Crusher leaves Starfleet to study with The Traveler. Ro Laren defects to the Maquis. Q concludes his trial of Humanity, giving Picard an opportunity to save Humanity.

Background information[]

Stewart, Spiner and Taylor

Jeri Taylor with Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner on the set of "All Good Things…"

  • This season was broadcast concurrent with Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Season 2.
  • This season earned Star Trek: The Next Generation an Emmy Award nomination for "Outstanding Drama Series", the first (and so far only) time a syndicated series has earned that distinction.
  • While Michael Piller continued to be credited as Executive Producer, he chose to focus on DS9 more, and so Jeri Taylor took over as showrunner for the final season of the series. One of her first decisions was to put an end to the open-submission process that Piller had put in place for scripts, and focus the writing around a core team of regular staff, with freelancers occasionally invited to make submissions.
  • Ronald D. Moore has admitted he was less than satisfied with this season. In an interview about Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in SFX magazine #55 (published in 1999 and reprinted in 2006), he said, "Next Generation, I think, overstayed its welcome. The last season of that show is kind of rough. To be honest, there are chunks of it I haven't watched myself. The show just didn't know what it was trying to do in the last year."
  • Moore said a similar thing in 1998; "I wish we could've had a more coherent idea of what we wanted to accomplish in TNG's last year. Too much of it was random story-telling without a sense of bringing the show to a conclusion." (AOL chat, 1998)
  • This season marks the switch from ALL CAPS to Small Caps in the actor names of the main title.
  • Characters which crossover from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Evek (in "Journey's End" and "Preemptive Strike"), Admiral Chekote (in "Gambit, Part I"), Quark (in "Firstborn"), and Miles O'Brien (in "All Good Things...").
  • Production of the seventh Star Trek movie, Star Trek Generations (the first one starring the Next Generation cast) began simultaneously with the last season of the series. Filming for the TNG main cast on the film began only ten days after principal photography was completed on the series finale, "All Good Things...".




Created By
Consulting Producer
Line Producer
Supervising Producer
Executive Producers
Executive Story Editor
Story Editor
Casting By
Music By
  • Jay Chattaway ("Descent, Part II", "Interface” – “Gambit, Part II", "Dark Page", "Inheritance", "Sub Rosa” – “Lower Decks", "Eye of the Beholder", "Journey's End", "Emergence” – “Preemptive Strike")
  • Dennis McCarthy ("Liaisons", "Phantasms", "Attached” – “Force of Nature", "Parallels", "Homeward", "Thine Own Self” – “Masks", "Genesis", "Firstborn” – “Bloodlines", "All Good Things…")
  • John Debney ("The Pegasus")
Main Title Theme By
Director of Photography
  • Jonathan West ("Descent, Part II” – “Genesis", "Bloodlines” – “All Good Things…")
  • Kris Krosskove ("Journey's End” – “Firstborn")
Production Designer
  • J.P. Farrell ("Descent, Part II")
  • David Ramirez ("Liaisons", "Gambit, Part II", "Attached", "Parallels", "Sub Rosa", "Masks", "Journey's End", "Emergence", "All Good Things…")
  • Steve Tucker ("Interface", "Phantasms", "Force of Nature", "The Pegasus", "Lower Decks", "Eye of the Beholder", "Firstborn", "Preemptive Strike")
  • Daryl Baskin ("Gambit, Part I", "Dark Page", "Inheritance", "Homeward", "Thine Own Self", "Genesis", "Bloodlines", "All Good Things…")
Unit Production Manager
First Assistant Directors
  • Jerry Fleck ("Descent, Part II", "Interface", "Gambit, Part II", "Dark Page", "Force of Nature", "Parallels", "Homeward", "Lower Decks", "Masks", "Genesis", "Firstborn", "All Good Things…")
  • Adele G. Simmons ("Liaisons", "Gambit, Part I", "Phantasms", "Attached", "Inheritance", "The Pegasus", "Sub Rosa", "Thine Own Self", "Eye of the Beholder", "Journey's End", "Bloodlines", "Preemptive Strike")
  • Richard Wells ("Emergence")
Second Assistant Directors
Costume Designer
Co-Costume Designer
Set Decorator
Visual Effects Producer
Visual Effects Supervisors
  • Ronald B. Moore ("Descent, Part II", "Interface", "Gambit, Part II", "Dark Page", "Force of Nature", "Parallels", "Homeward", "Lower Decks", "Masks", "All Good Things…") (credited as Ronald D. Moore in "Gambit, Part II")
  • David Stipes ("Liaisons", "Gambit, Part I", "Phantasms", "Attached", "Inheritance", "The Pegasus", "Sub Rosa", "Thine Own Self", "Eye of the Beholder", "Journey's End", "Bloodlines", "All Good Things…")
  • Michael Backauskas ("Genesis", "Firstborn")
  • Philip Barberio ("Emergence")
  • Joe Bauer ("Preemptive Strike")
Post Production Supervisor
Supervising Editor
Senior Illustrator/Technical Consultant
Scenic Artist Supervisor/Technical Consultant
Scenic Art Consultant
Make-Up Designed and Supervised By
Art Director
Set Designer
Visual Effects Coordinators
  • Michael Backauskas ("Descent, Part II", "Interface", "Gambit, Part II", "Dark Page", "Force of Nature", "Parallels", "Homeward", "Lower Decks", "Masks", "All Good Things…")
  • Philip Barberio ("Descent, Part II” – “Parallels")
  • Joe Bauer ("Liaisons", "Gambit, Part I", "Phantasms", "Attached", "Inheritance", "The Pegasus", "Sub Rosa", "Thine Own Self", "Eye of the Beholder", "Journey's End", "Bloodlines", "All Good Things…")
  • Edward L. Williams ("Genesis", "Firstborn", "Emergence", "All Good Things…")
Visual Effects Series Coordinator
  • Philip Barberio ("The Pegasus” – “Bloodlines", "Preemptive Strike” – “All Good Things…")
Visual Effects Associates
Script Supervisor
Special Effects
Property Master
Construction Coordinator
Scenic Artists
  • Jim Magdaleno ("Descent, Part II", "Interface", "Gambit, Part II", "Dark Page", "Force of Nature", "Parallels", "Homeward", "Lower Decks", "Masks", "Genesis", "Firstborn", "Emergence", "All Good Things…")
  • Wendy Drapanas ("Liaisons", "Gambit, Part I", "Phantasms", "Attached", "Inheritance", "The Pegasus", "Sub Rosa", "Thine Own Self", "Eye of the Beholder", "Journey's End", "Bloodlines", "Preemptive Strike” – “All Good Things…")
Hair Designer
Makeup Artists
Hair Stylists
Wardrobe Supervisor
Sound Mixer
Camera Operator
  • Kris Krosskove ("Descent, Part II” – “Genesis", "Bloodlines” – “All Good Things…")
Chief Lighting Technician
First Company Grip
Key Costumers
  • Kimberley Thompson ("Descent, Part II", "Interface", "Dark Page", "Force of Nature", "Parallels", "Homeward", "Lower Decks", "Masks", "Genesis", "Firstborn", "Emergence", "All Good Things…")
  • Matt Hoffman ("Descent, Part II", "Interface", "Gambit, Part II", "Dark Page", "Force of Nature", "Parallels", "Homeward", "Lower Decks", "Masks", "Genesis", "Firstborn")
  • Dave Powell ("Liaisons", "Gambit, Part I", "Phantasms", "Attached", "Inheritance", "The Pegasus", "Sub Rosa", "Thine Own Self", "Eye of the Beholder", "Journey's End", "Bloodlines", "Preemptive Strike")
  • Deborah Hall ("Liaisons", "Gambit, Part I", "Phantasms", "Attached", "Inheritance", "The Pegasus", "Sub Rosa", "Thine Own Self", "Eye of the Beholder", "Journey's End", "Bloodlines", "Preemptive Strike")
  • Carol Kunz ("Gambit, Part II")
  • Maurice Palinski ("Emergence", "All Good Things…")
Music Editors
Supervising Sound Editor
Sound Editors
Re-Recording Mixers
Post Production Sound By
Production Coordinator
Post Production Coordinator
Assistant Editors
Visual Effects Assistant Editor
Production Associates
Pre-Production Associate
Casting Executive
Stunt Coordinator
  • Dennis Madalone ("Descent, Part II” – “Liaisons", "Gambit, Part I” – “Attached", "Inheritance", "Sub Rosa” – “All Good Things…")
Location Manager
  • Lisa White ("Descent, Part II", "Gambit, Part I", "Attached", "Homeward", "All Good Things…")
Original Set Design
Science Consultant
Based Upon Material By
Monitors By
  • Sony Corp. of America ("Descent, Part II", "Gambit, Part I” – “Gambit, Part II", "All Good Things…")

Filmed with Panavision © Lenses and Cameras ("Liaisons” – “All Good Things…")

Special Visual Effects By
Motion Control Photography By
  • Image "G" ("Descent, Part II” – “Preemptive Strike")
  • Erik Nash ("All Good Things…")
Video Optical Effects By
Special Video Compositing
Online Editing By
Editing Facilities
  • Unitel Video ("Descent, Part II” – “Preemptive Strike")


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