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TNG Season 7 DVD-Region 1

Region 1 cover

Region 1 cover
DVD release
Series: TNG
Season: Seven
No. of episodes: 25 (1 feature-length)
No. of discs: 7
Region 1 release date: 31 December 2002
16 April 2013 (re-released)
Region 2 release date: 23 December 2002
22 May 2006 (re-released)
Rating(s): BBFC - Parental Guidance IFCO - Parental Guidance FSK - Freigegeben ab 12 Jahren NICAM - Alle leeftijden (Not harmful/All ages) MCCYP - 15 OFLC (Australia) - Parental Guidance OFLC (New Zealand) - Parental Guidance
Reference: ASIN B000063V8V (region 1)
ASIN B00BHWG0CM (region 1 re-release)
ASIN B00006J9U8 (region 2)
ASIN B000ERVG98 (region 2 re-release)
Year: 2370
TNG Season 7 DVD-Region 2

Region 2 cover

Region 2 cover
TNG S7 DVD 2013

Region 1 slimline cover

Region 1 slimline cover
TNG Season 7 DVD-Region 2 new

Region 2 slimline cover

Region 2 slimline cover
TNG season 7 DVD menu

Main menu

Main menu

Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Complete Season Seven was a DVD release containing all of the episodes which were broadcast during the series' seventh season.


"Descent, Part II"
"Gambit, Part I"
"Gambit, Part II"
"Dark Page"
"Force of Nature"
"The Pegasus"
"Sub Rosa"
"Lower Decks"
"Thine Own Self"
"Eye of the Beholder"
"Journey's End"
"Preemptive Strike"
"All Good Things..." (feature-length)
Special Features

Special features[]

  • A Captain's TributePatrick Stewart pays tribute to each principal cast member.
  • Departmental Briefing Year Seven: ProductionGates McFadden discusses her directorial debut in "Genesis", Jonathan Frakes recalls directing "Attached", McFadden and Jeri Taylor delve into the roles of strong women and Patrick Stewart remembers becoming more physical in episodes like "Bloodlines".
  • The Making of "All Good Things..." – Cast and crew recollect the making of the final episode, including footage from the location filming.
  • Starfleet Moments and Memories – Cast and crew look back on seven years of creating The Next Generation.
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine DVD preview – A trailer for the DS9 DVDs which would be released in 2003.

Bonus disc[]

The following featurettes were for Region 1 available for a limited time on a separate disc at Best Buy and Media Play locations as "retailer exclusives", but which were standard included in the Region 2 edition, as well as being ported over to its 2014 Blu-ray counterpart. [1](X)


Following the special feature "Starfleet Moments & Memories Year Seven" the hereafter mentioned credits were listed. Only this special feature on the entire TNG season DVD series has productions credits listed, so it stands to reason to assume that all special features for the entirety of the series were produced under the same auspices, as the acknowledgements include interviewees who did not appear in the season seven special features.

Directed byDonald R. Beck

Written byStephen R. Wolcott

Supervising ProducerRose Duignan

Segment Producer – Stephen R. Wolcott

Post Production Supervisor & Senior Editor -– Robert M. Malachowski, Jr.

Segment EditorsNarumi Inatsugu, Lennie Nelson, Ollie Penchansky, Kevin Connolly, Joe Guglielmo

Tape OperatorsDamon Brewster, Jose Sanchez, Craig Johnson

Audio MixerRob Pehrson

Production CrewMark Ritchie, Ian Jones, Todd Lotto, Rene Vera

With Special thanks toIra Steven Behr, Rick Berman, Robert Blackman, Brannon Braga, Avery Brooks, LeVar Burton, David Carson, Jay Chattaway, James Cromwell, Dan Curry, Jonathan Del Arco, John de Lancie, Michael Dorn, John Dwyer, J.P. Farrell, Terry Farrell, Jonathan Frakes, Whoopi Goldberg, Jennifer Hetrick, Dennis Hoerter, Gary Hutzel, Greg Jein, Penny Juday, Robert Justman, Peter Lauritson, Robert Legato, David Livingston, Dennis Madalone, Dennis McCarthy, Gates McFadden, James Mees, Ron B. Moore, Ron D. Moore, Larry Nemecek, Robert O'Reilly, Marc Okrand, Mike Okuda, Michael Piller, Michael Raffeld, Andrew Robinson, Gerry Sackman, Alan Sims, Marina Sirtis, Brent Spiner, Rich Sternbach , Patrick Stewart, Eric Stillwell, Patrick Sweeney, Guy Vardaman, Nana Visitor, Michael Westmore, Wil Wheaton, Bill Wistrom, Durinda Woods, Herman Zimmerman

Executive Producer – Donald R. Beck

A Beck-Ola Production

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