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This is a list of writers of Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes.

Table of Contents


Frank Abatemarco
  1. "Man Of The People"
  2. "Chain Of Command, Part I" (Story)
  3. "Chain Of Command, Part II"
Alan J. Adler
  1. "The Loss" (Teleplay)
Gregory Amos
  1. "A Matter Of Honor" (Story)
Harold Apter
  1. "Data's Day" (Teleplay)
Burton Armus
  1. "The Outrageous Okona" (Teleplay)
  2. "A Matter Of Honor" (Teleplay and Story)
Kacey Arnold-Ince
  1. "Final Mission" (Teleplay and Story)
Bruce D. Arthurs
  1. "Clues" (Teleplay and Story)
David Assael
  1. "The Icarus Factor" (Teleplay and Story)


Hilary J. Bader
  1. "The Loss" (Teleplay and Story)
  2. "Hero Worship" (Story)
  3. "Dark Page"
Dennis Russell Bailey
  1. "Tin Man" (as Dennis Putnam Bailey)
  2. "First Contact" (Teleplay)
René Balcer
  1. "Power Play" (Teleplay)
Michael Baron
  1. "Code of Honor"
Patrick Barry
  1. "Angel One"
Peter S. Beagle
  1. "Sarek" (Television Story and Teleplay)
Ira Steven Behr
  1. "Yesterday's Enterprise" (Teleplay)
  2. "Captain's Holiday"
  3. "Qpid" (Teleplay and Story)
Hans Beimler
  1. "The Arsenal of Freedom" (Teleplay)
  2. "Symbiosis" (Teleplay)
  3. "The Schizoid Man" (Story)
  4. "The Emissary" (Teleplay and Story)
  5. "Shades of Gray" (Teleplay)
  6. "Who Watches The Watchers"
  7. "Yesterday's Enterprise" (Teleplay)
  8. "Allegiance"
Adam Belanoff
  1. "The Masterpiece Society" (Teleplay and Story)
Kurt Michael Bensmiller
  1. "Time Squared" (Story)
Rick Berman
  1. "Brothers"
  2. "Ensign Ro" (Story)
  3. "Unification I" (Story)
  4. "Unification II" (Story)
  5. "A Matter Of Time"
Robin Bernheim
  1. "The Hunted"
David Bischoff
  1. "Tin Man"
  2. "First Contact" (Teleplay)
John D.F. Black
  1. "The Naked Now" (Story)
  2. "Justice" (Story, as Ralph Willis)
Diana Dru Botsford
  1. "Rascals" (Story)
Ward Botsford
  1. "Rascals" (Story)
Brannon Braga
  1. "Reunion" (Teleplay)
  2. "Identity Crisis" (Teleplay)
  3. "The Game" (Teleplay and Story)
  4. "Power Play" (Teleplay)
  5. "Cause And Effect"
  6. "Imaginary Friend" (Teleplay)
  7. "Realm Of Fear"
  8. "Schisms" (Teleplay)
  9. "A Fistful of Datas" (Teleplay)
  10. "Aquiel" (Teleplay)
  11. "Birthright, Part I"
  12. "Frame of Mind"
  13. "Timescape"
  14. "Phantasms"
  15. "Parallels"
  16. "Sub Rosa" (Teleplay)
  17. "Eye of the Beholder" (Story)
  18. "Genesis"
  19. "All Good Things..."
Fred Bronson
  1. "Ménage à Troi"
  2. "The Game" (Story)
James E. Brooks
  1. "Rightful Heir" (Story)


Thomas H. Calder
  1. "The Emissary" (Story)
David Bennett Carren
  1. "Future Imperfect"
Jeanne Carrigan-Fauci
  1. "Liaisons" (Teleplay)
J. Larry Carroll
  1. "Future Imperfect"
Sally Caves
  1. "Hollow Pursuits"
Sara Charno
  1. "The Wounded" (Story)
  2. "New Ground" (Story)
  3. "Ethics" (Story)
Stuart Charno
  1. "The Wounded" (Story)
  2. "New Ground" (Story)
  3. "Ethics" (Story)
Cy Chermak
  1. "The Wounded" (Story)
Mona Clee
  1. "The Neutral Zone" (Story)
Lawrence V. Conley
  1. "Silicon Avatar" (Story)
Marc Cushman
  1. "Sarek" (Unpublished Story)


Richard Danus
  1. "Booby Trap" (Teleplay)
  2. "Deja Q"
Deborah Dean Davis
  1. "We'll Always Have Paris"
Timothy DeHaas
  1. "Identity Crisis" (Story)
Drew Deighan
  1. "Sins of The Father" (Story)
  2. "Reunion" (Story)
Terry Devereaux
  1. "Manhunt"
Lance Dickson
  1. "The Outrageous Okona" (Story)
Pamela Douglas
  1. "Night Terrors" (Teleplay)
A. Conan Doyle, c/o Dame Jean Conan Doyle
  1. "Elementary, Dear Data" (Characters)
  2. "Ship In A Bottle" (Characters)
Diane Duane
  1. "Where No One Has Gone Before"


René Echevarria
  1. "The Offspring"
  2. "Transfigurations"
  3. "The Mind's Eye" (Teleplay and Story)
  4. "The Perfect Mate" (Story)
  5. "I Borg"
  6. "True Q"
  7. "Ship In A Bottle"
  8. "Face Of The Enemy" (Story)
  9. "Birthright, Part II"
  10. "Second Chances" (Teleplay)
  11. "Descent, Part II"
  12. "Inheritance" (Teleplay)
  13. "Lower Decks" (Teleplay)
  14. "Eye of the Beholder" (Teleplay)
  15. "Firstborn" (Teleplay)
  16. "Preemptive Strike" (Teleplay)
Roger Eschbacher
  1. "Liaisons" (Story)


Peter Allan Fields
  1. "Half a Life" (Teleplay and Story)
  2. "Cost Of Living"
  3. "The Inner Light" (Teleplay)
Richard Fliegel
  1. "Imaginary Friend" (Story)
D.C. Fontana
  1. "Encounter at Farpoint"
  2. "The Naked Now" (Teleplay and Story, as J. Michael Bingham)
  3. "Lonely Among Us" (Teleplay)
  4. "Too Short A Season" (Teleplay)
  5. "Heart of Glory" (Story)
Larry Forrester
  1. "The Battle" (Story)
Sandy Fries
  1. "Coming of Age"


Jeanna F. Gallo
  1. "Sub Rosa" (Material)
Trent Christopher Ganino
  1. "Yesterday's Enterprise" (Story)
Morgan Gendel
  1. "The Inner Light" (Teleplay and Story)
  2. "Starship Mine"
Shari Goodhartz
  1. "The Most Toys"
  2. "Night Terrors" (Story)
  3. "Violations" (Story)
Mike Gray
  1. "Unnatural Selection"
Steve Gerber
  1. "Contagion"
Pamela Gray
  1. "Violations" (Teleplay and Story)
Vanessa Greene
  1. "The Loss" (Teleplay)
Jaq Greenspon
  1. "Liaisons" (Story)
Karl Guers
  1. "Home Soil" (Story)


Wanda M. Haight
  1. "A Matter Of Honor" (Story)
Michael Halperin
  1. "Lonely Among Us" (Story)
Christopher Hatton
  1. "Gambit, Part I" (Story)
  2. "Thine Own Self" (Story)
Allison Hock
  1. "Rascals" (Teleplay)
Michel Horvat
  1. "The Host"
Maurice Hurley
  1. "Hide And Q" (Teleplay and Story, as C.J. Holland)
  2. "Datalore" (Story)
  3. "11001001"
  4. "Heart of Glory" (Teleplay and Story)
  5. "The Arsenal of Freedom" (Story)
  6. "The Neutral Zone" (Teleplay)
  7. "The Child"
  8. "Time Squared" (Teleplay)
  9. "Q Who"
  10. "Shades of Gray" (Teleplay and Story)
  11. "Galaxy's Child" (Teleplay)
  12. "Power Play" (Story)


Jake Jacobs
  1. "Sarek" (Unpublished Story)
Ron Jarvis
  1. "Disaster" (Story)


James Kahn
  1. "The Masterpiece Society" (Story)
Mark Kalbfeld
  1. "Firstborn" (Story)
Thomas Kartozian
  1. "Galaxy's Child" (Story)
David Kemper
  1. "Peak Performance"
  2. "The Enemy"
Dan Koeppel
  1. "Inheritance" (Teleplay and Story)
Richard Krzemien
  1. "The Last Outpost" (Story)


Philip LaZebnik
  1. "Devil's Due" (Teleplay and Story)
  2. "Darmok" (Story)
David Landsberg
  1. "The Outrageous Okona" (Story)
William Douglas Lansford
  1. "Devil's Due" (Story)
Brian Alan Lane
  1. "Elementary, Dear Data"
Robert Lewin
  1. "Datalore" (Teleplay and Story)
  2. "11001001"
  3. "The Arsenal of Freedom" (Story)
  4. "Symbiosis" (Teleplay and Story)


Richard Manning
  1. "The Arsenal of Freedom" (Teleplay)
  2. "Symbiosis" (Teleplay)
  3. "The Schizoid Man" (Story)
  4. "The Emissary" (Teleplay and Story)
  5. "Shades of Gray" (Teleplay)
  6. "Who Watches The Watchers"
  7. "Yesterday's Enterprise" (Teleplay)
  8. "Allegiance"
John Mason
  1. "Unnatural Selection"
Jean Louise Matthias
  1. "Imaginary Friend" (Story)
  2. "Schisms" (Story)
  3. "Lessons"
  4. "Lower Decks" (Story)
Robert McCullough
  1. "The Icarus Factor"
  2. "Samaritan Snare"
Deborah McIntyre
  1. "The Neutral Zone" (Story)
Michael Medlock
  1. "Second Chances" (Story)
Les Menchen
  1. "The Outrageous Okona" (Story)
Joe Menosky
  1. "Legacy"
  2. "Clues" (Teleplay)
  3. "First Contact" (Teleplay)
  4. "The Nth Degree"
  5. "In Theory"
  6. "Darmok" (Teleplay and Story)
  7. "Hero Worship" (Teleplay)
  8. "Time's Arrow" (Teleplay and Story)
  9. "Time's Arrow, Part II" (Story)
  10. "The Chase" (Teleplay and Story)
  11. "Suspicions"
  12. "Interface"
  13. "Masks"
  14. "Emergence" (Teleplay)
T. Michael
  1. "Violations" (Story)
Michael Michaelian
  1. "Too Short A Season" (Teleplay and Story)
Keith Mills
  1. "The Royale"
Leonard Mlodinow
  1. "The Dauphin"
Ronald D. Moore
  1. "The Bonding"
  2. "The Defector"
  3. "Yesterday's Enterprise" (Teleplay)
  4. "Sins of The Father" (Teleplay)
  5. "Family"
  6. "Reunion" (Teleplay)
  7. "Data's Day" (Teleplay)
  8. "First Contact" (Teleplay)
  9. "In Theory"
  10. "Redemption"
  11. "Redemption II"
  12. "Disaster" (Teleplay)
  13. "Ethics" (Teleplay)
  14. "The First Duty"
  15. "The Next Phase"
  16. "Relics"
  17. "Chain Of Command, Part I" (Teleplay)
  18. "Aquiel" (Teleplay)
  19. "Tapestry"
  20. "The Chase" (Story)
  21. "Rightful Heir" (Teleplay)
  22. "Descent" (Teleplay)
  23. "Gambit, Part II" (Teleplay)
  24. "The Pegasus"
  25. "Thine Own Self" (Teleplay)
  26. "Journey's End"
  27. "All Good Things..."
W. Reed Moran
  1. "Sins of The Father" (Teleplay)


Anatonia Napoli
  1. "Journey's End" (Material)


Lan O'Kun
  1. "Haven" (Story)


Gary Perconte
  1. "The Perfect Mate" (Teleplay and Story)
Jo Perry
  1. "Reunion" (Teleplay and Story)
Thomas Perry
  1. "Reunion" (Teleplay and Story)
Ralph Phillips
  1. "Suddenly Human" (Story)
Michael Piller
  1. "Evolution" (Teleplay and Story)
  2. "Booby Trap" (Teleplay)
  3. "The Enemy"
  4. "The Best of Both Worlds"
  5. "The Best of Both Worlds, Part II"
  6. "First Contact" (Teleplay)
  7. "Ensign Ro" (Teleplay and Story)
  8. "Unification I" (Story)
  9. "Unification II" (Teleplay and Story)
  10. "The Masterpiece Society" (Teleplay)
  11. "The Perfect Mate" (Teleplay)
  12. "Time's Arrow" (Teleplay)
  13. "Rascals" (Story)
Shawn Piller
  1. "Journey's End" (Material)
Jon Povill
  1. "The Child"
Katharyn Powers
  1. "Code of Honor"


Michael Reaves
  1. "Where No One Has Gone Before"
Lisa Rich
  1. "Liaisons" (Teleplay)
Ted Roberts
  1. "Half a Life" (Story)
Gene Roddenberry
  1. "Encounter at Farpoint"
  2. "Hide And Q" (Teleplay)
  3. "Datalore" (Teleplay)
Sam Rolfe
  1. "The Vengeance Factor"
Ron Roman
  1. "Booby Trap" (Teleplay and Story)
  2. "The Dauphin"
Grant Rosenberg
  1. "New Ground" (Teleplay)
Paul Ruben
  1. "Power Play" (Story)
Randee Russell
  1. "Qpid" (Story)


Robert Sabaroff
  1. "Home Soil" (Teleplay and Story)
  2. "Conspiracy" (Story)
Susan Sackett
  1. "Ménage à Troi"
  2. "The Game" (Story)
Nicholas Sagan
  1. "Attached"
  2. "Bloodlines"
Ralph Sanchez
  1. "Home Soil" (Story)
Ken Schafer
  1. "The Mind's Eye" (Story)
Paul Schiffer
  1. "Conundrum"
Barry Schkolnick
  1. "Conundrum" (Teleplay)
Philip A. Scorza
  1. "Disaster" (Story)
L.J. Scott
  1. "The Quality of Life" (Material)
Naren Shankar
  1. "The First Duty"
  2. "The Quality of Life"
  3. "Face Of The Enemy" (Teleplay)
  4. "Suspicions"
  5. "Gambit, Part I" (Teleplay and Story)
  6. "Gambit, Part II" (Story)
  7. "Force of Nature"
  8. "Homeward" (Teleplay)
  9. "Preemptive Strike" (Story)
Hannah Louise Shearer
  1. "When The Bough Breaks"
  2. "Skin Of Evil" (Teleplay)
  3. "We'll Always Have Paris"
  4. "Pen Pals" (Story)
  5. "The Price"
Lee Sheldon
  1. "Remember Me"
Melinda M. Snodgrass
  1. "The Measure Of A Man"
  2. "Pen Pals" (Teleplay)
  3. "Up The Long Ladder"
  4. "The Ensigns of Command"
  5. "The High Ground"
Jack B. Sowards
  1. "Where Silence Has Lease"
William N. Stape
  1. "Homeward" (Material)
Joseph Stefano
  1. "Skin Of Evil" (Teleplay and Story)
Spike Steingasser
  1. "Homeward" (Story)
Eric A. Stillwell
  1. "Yesterday's Enterprise" (Story)
Jaron Summers
  1. "The Child"
Edithe Swenson
  1. "Imaginary Friend" (Teleplay)


Jeri Taylor
  1. "Suddenly Human" (Teleplay)
  2. "Final Mission" (Teleplay)
  3. "The Wounded" (Teleplay)
  4. "Night Terrors" (Teleplay)
  5. "The Drumhead"
  6. "Silicon Avatar" (Teleplay)
  7. "Unification I" (Teleplay)
  8. "Violations" (Teleplay)
  9. "The Outcast"
  10. "Time's Arrow, Part II" (Teleplay)
  11. "Aquiel" (Story)
  12. "Descent" (Story)
  13. "Sub Rosa" (Story)
Tracy Tormé
  1. "Haven" (Teleplay and Story)
  2. "The Big Goodbye"
  3. "Conspiracy" (Teleplay)
  4. "The Schizoid Man" (Teleplay)
Worley Thorne
  1. "Justice" (Teleplay and Story)


Michael Wagner
  1. "Evolution" (Story)
  2. "The Survivors"
  3. "Booby Trap" (Story)
John Whelpley
  1. "Suddenly Human" (Teleplay)
Ronald Wilkerson
  1. "Imaginary Friend" (Story)
  2. "Schisms" (Story)
  3. "Lessons"
  4. "Lower Decks" (Story)
Robert Hewitt Wolfe
  1. "A Fistful of Datas" (Teleplay and Story)
Beth Woods
  1. "Contagion"
Herbert Wright
  1. "The Last Outpost" (Teleplay)
  2. "The Battle" (Teleplay)
  3. "Heart of Glory" (Story)
  4. "Power Play" (Teleplay)


Jacqueline Zambrano
  1. "Loud As A Whisper"
Marc Scott Zicree
  1. "First Contact" (Story)
Ed Zuckerman
  1. "A Matter of Perspective"