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TOS Season 1 Blu-ray cover

Region A cover

Region A cover
Blu-ray Disc release
Series: TOS
Season: One
No. of episodes: 29
No. of discs: 7
Run time: 24 hours, 25 minutes
Region A release date: 28 April 2009
Region B release date: 27 April 2009
Rating(s): CHVRS - General Audience BBFC - Parental Guidance IFCO - 12 FSK - Freigegeben ab 12 Jahren NICAM - Mogelijk schadelijk tot 6 jaar (Watch out with children under 6) MCCYP - 15 OFLC (Australia) - Mature OFLC (New Zealand) - Mature DJCTQ - Livre
Language: English - Remix (DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1), English - Original (Dolby Digital 2.0 Dual Mono)
Subtitles: Both Regions - English SDH, French
Region A - Portuguese/Brazilian, Spanish/Latin
Region B - Danish, Dutch, Finnish, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish/Castilian, Swedish
Dubbed: Both Regions - French (Dolby Digital 2.0 Dual Mono)
Region A - Spanish/Latin (Dolby Digital 2.0 Dual Mono)
Region B - German (Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono), Italian (Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono), Spanish/Castilian (Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono)
Reference: ASIN B001TH16DS (Region A)
ASIN B001S3GDTU (Region B)
Year: 2265-2267
TOS Season 1 UK Region B Blu-ray disc cover

Region B cover

Region B cover
For the DVD release, please see TOS-R Season 1 HD DVD.

Star Trek: The Original Series – Season 1 is a Blu-ray Disc release of the first season of The Original Series. For the first time, the remastered episodes can be seen with the original effects or the new digital versions, accessed via the angle button or seamless branching. The soundtrack includes remixed 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio and the original mono audio via Dolby Digital track.

The release includes several of the special features from the original remastered HD DVD release, including the Starfleet Access interactive feature, but still excluding the four "Red Shirt Logs" hidden mini-featurettes, and Michael and Denise Okuda's text commentaries for "Where No Man Has Gone Before", "The Menagerie, Part I", "The Menagerie, Part II" and "The Conscience of the King", not ported over from the original DVD. Also missing from this release is the Star Trek: Beyond the Final Frontier special feature that was included on the HD DVD release.

This release is the first high-definition release of the series since the aforementioned HD DVD release, and the first Blu-ray one for Star Trek altogether.

A special mail-away figure offer from Diamond Select Toys of Hikaru Sulu as he appeared in "Where No Man Has Gone Before" is available with the release.


"The Man Trap" (50:34)
"Charlie X" (50:28)
"Where No Man Has Gone Before" (50:43)
"The Naked Time" (50:34)
Special Feature: Spacelift: Transporting Trek Into The 21st Century
Special Feature: Starfleet Access for "Where No Man Has Gone Before"
"The Enemy Within" (50:31)
"Mudd's Women" (50:33)
"What Are Little Girls Made Of?" (50:31)
"Miri" (50:33)
"Dagger of the Mind" (50:39)
"The Corbomite Maneuver" (50:24)
"The Menagerie, Part I" (50:31)
"The Menagerie, Part II" (50:42)
"The Conscience of the King" (49:33)
Special Feature: Reflections on Spock
Special Feature: Starfleet Access for "The Menagerie, Parts I and II"
"Balance of Terror" (50:30)
"Shore Leave" (50:32)
"The Galileo Seven"" (50:41)
"The Squire of Gothos" (50:30)
Special Feature: Life Beyond Trek: William Shatner
Special Feature: Starfleet Access for "Balance of Terror"
"Arena" (50:31)
"Tomorrow is Yesterday" (50:33)
"Court Martial" (50:43)
"The Return of the Archons" (50:33)
Special Feature: To Boldly Go... Season One
Special Feature: The Birth of a Timeless Legacy
"Space Seed" (50:31)
"A Taste of Armageddon" (50:32)
"This Side of Paradise" (50:33)
"The Devil in the Dark" (50:39)
Special Feature: Interactive inspection tour of the USS Enterprise
Special Feature: Sci-Fi Visionaries
Special Feature: Starfleet Access for "Space Seed"
"Errand of Mercy" (50:29)
"The Alternative Factor" (50:31)
"The City on the Edge of Forever" (50:40)
"Operation -- Annihilate!" (50:33)
Special Feature: Billy Blackburn's Treasure Chest: Rare Home Movies and Special Memories
Special Feature: Kiss 'N' Tell: Romance in the 23rd Century
Special Feature: Starfleet Access for "Errand of Mercy"
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