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This is a list of actors and actresses who filmed scenes for Star Trek: The Original Series, but their material was cut from the final aired version. Some of them still remained in the end credits.

Richard Anthony

Richard Anthony (13 January 193820 April 2015; age 77) was a singer and occasional actor who was born in Cairo, Egypt as Richard Btesh. Anthony filmed scenes as a rider in Tombstone for the Star Trek: The Original Series episode "Spectre of the Gun" but was cut from the final aired version. The scene depicted a man riding a horse successfully getting through the force field at Tombstone city limits. Seeing this, Kirk decides to jump on a horse himself and attempt to get out of town, unsuccessfully. (These Are the Voyages: TOS Season Three)

He was married to Michele Anthony and they had two children, Xavier Anthony and Alexandre Anthony, who is also a singer.

Among his acting resume are the films Just for Fun (1963) and Poison (1991, with Rob LaBelle), as well as a guest appearance in the television series Dallas (1978, with Peter Mark Richman).

Anthony appeared in numerous television shows, mostly as a singer or host. He died on April 20, 2015.

John Blower

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John Blower (11 September 193224 December 2004; age 72) filmed a scene as Swensen for "Catspaw", but it ended up as a deleted scene. The scene depicted a team of security guards ready to beam down to Pyris VII, but prevented from doing so by Sylvia's force field. [1]

John Buonomo

John Buonomo is the actor who played the role of an orderly in the Star Trek episode "Requiem for Methuselah". Although his role was cut, he was credited for the appearance in the Star Trek Concordance.

John Carr

John Carr was in the credits for the original series episode "Shore Leave" as a guard, but no guards appeared in the episode. It is likely his scene was cut.

It is also possible Bjo Trimble misplaced his credit when writing the Star Trek Concordance, and that Carr appears as any of the other uncredited guards throughout the series.

Likewise, the Star Trek Encyclopedia (4th ed., vol. 2, p. 542) lists a John Carr as a security guard in the episode "Shore Leave".

Frank da Vinci

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Frank da Vinci (14 February 19334 June 2013; age 80) filmed a scene in main engineering as Vinci for "The Enemy Within", but it ended up as a deleted scene. [2]

Carey Foster

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Carey Foster (born 18 December 1943; age 76), along with two unknown actresses, was featured as a young servant girl in the Orion courtyard sequence in the first pilot, "The Cage". However, their appearance ended up deleted from the final episode. [3]

Richard Geary

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According to call sheets, Richard Geary (25 July 192515 May 2000; age 74) filmed a scene as an Enterprise security guard in the episode "For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky", but his appearance ended up as a deleted scene. [4]

Ron Veto

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Ron Veto (24 October 19334 August 2004; age 70) filmed a scene in main engineering as Harrison for "The Enemy Within", but it ended up as a deleted scene. [5]

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