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TV Guide is a US publishing company that publishes a weekly mini-magazine about television programming. These magazines features covers relevant to television shows airing that week. Star Trek covers have appeared on twelve of these magazines, starting with the issue dated 4-10 March, 1967.

Two influential articles on Star Trek, written by noted science fiction author and scientist Isaac Asimov, have originally appeared in the magazine while Star Trek: The Original Series was still being aired,

  • "What Are a Few Galaxies Among Friends?" (26 November 1966, pp. 6-9)
  • "Mr. Spock is Dreamy!" (29 April 1967, pp. 9-11)

In addition to their weekly guide, TV Guide occasionally publishes collector's edition magazines. To date, they have published four based on Star Trek:

Prior to the airing of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's final episode "What You Leave Behind", TV Guide released four different covers featuring all of the main cast members. Around the same time, TV Guide called Deep Space Nine "the best acted, written, produced, and altogether finest… Star Trek series". (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion)

Cover gallery Edit

1960s Edit

Issue Cover(s) Cover story
4 March 1967

TV Guide cover, 1967-03-04

24 August 1968

TV Guide cover, 1968-08-24

1990s Edit

Issue Cover(s) Cover story
31 August 1991

TV Guide cover, 1991-08-31

18 July 1992

TV Guide cover, 1992-07-18

2 January 1993

TV Guide cover, 1993-01-02

24 July 1993

TV Guide cover, 1993-07-24

31 July 1993

TV Guide cover, 1993-07-31

4 September 1993

TV Guide cover, 1993-09-04

18 December 1993

TV Guide cover, 1993-12-18

15 January 1994

TV Guide cover, 1994-01-15

14 May 1994

TV Guide cover, 1994-05-14

8 October 1994

TV Guide cover, 1994-10-08

14 January 1995

TV Guide cover, 1995-01-14

29 April 1995

TV Guide cover, 1995-04-29

15 July 1995

TV Guide cover, 1995-07-15

7 October 1995

TV Guide cover, 1995-10-07

17 February 1996

TV Guide cover, 1996-02-17

24 August 1996
10 May 1997

TV Guide cover, 1997-05-10

8 November 1997
10 April 1999

TV Guide cover, 1999-04-10

29 May 1999

2000s Edit

Issue Cover(s) Cover story
29 July 2000
19 May 2001
20 April 2002
  • Star Trek 35 years! 35 Greatest Moments! 35 Covers!
17 April 2005
24 July 2006

TV Guide cover, 2006-07-24

  • The Ultimate Sci-Fi Preview. Star Trek Exclusive: Lost creator J.J. Abrams talks for the first time about this new Trek movie.

2010s Edit

Issue Cover(s) Cover story
8 April 2013

TV Guide cover, 2013-04-08

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