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The Takayama-type shuttlecraft was a shuttlecraft type in use by Starfleet in the late 2250s and early 2260s. (Star Trek Into Darkness, Star Trek Beyond)

Physical arrangement Edit

Externally similar in design, though much larger than, the Kelvin-type shuttles used decades before, this type of shuttlecraft had two nacelles attached to the main body of the shuttlecraft by elongated nacelle pylons which housed two of the shuttles four small impulse drives. The other two were located on the aft dorsal end of the craft. The engine that powered these drives was located in an aft compartment that was sealed from the cockpit/passenger section by a hatchway. Shuttles could be accessed from the starboard side by a door located just aft the cockpit, and two small windows were located aft of the doors. This shuttle type also had three retractable landing gear and feature a small ventral door.

The shuttles were equipped with primary and secondary thrusters. These thrusters were located on both sides of the shuttle. This shuttlecraft type had a threat assessment system, which was susceptible to interference if the foe fired antimatter missiles. Equipment included in these shuttles included black hole analyzers, extreme ultraviolet spectrometer, near infrared mapping spectrometer, energetic particle spectrometer, magma sensors, and sensors for mass spectrometry, gas chromatography, and radio spectrum. These vessels were, additionally, equipped with a ventral weapons array. These vehicles were, lastly, equipped with attenuators.

Interior Edit

Takayama type shuttlecraft cockpit

The cockpit

The cockpit contained two chairs and was separated from the aft compartment by a small hatch. The main compartment had fold down "jump" seats located along the outer walls.

Layout A Edit

Enterprise shuttle 1 interior

Interior layout A

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Layout B Edit

Takayama interior

Interior layout B

The main compartment could be equipped with two rows, one two seats wide and the other three seats wide, of forward facing seats. The fold down seats located along the outer walls were still in place when this arrangement was used. (Star Trek Into Darkness)

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Background information Edit

In the film, for the volcano sequence on Nibiru, Shuttle 1 was represented by the CGI model for Shuttle 7. Dialogue was used to identify this vessel as Shuttle 1. Interior displays in Shuttle 1 showed "04NCC", which may have been why labels included as part of the Kre-O Star Trek kit "Spock's Volcano Mission" identify Shuttle 1 as Shuttle 4, and do not include the name Warrant.