Takret Militia

The Takret Militia was the military arm of the Takret government. It seemed to be a corrupt organization, as members were known to seize and plunder alien vessels and killed their crews, seemingly without any provocation.

Takret military uniforms had their insignia on the arm, a circle with two points and Takret writing on it. A leather belt-like garment went over each shoulder, with another around the mid-chest, and a third around the torso. Their rank was worn on two patches on their collar. Four letters in the Takret language indicated captain, and three indicated lieutenant. The patches on the left and right side of the collar were identical, not symmetrical. The Takret Militia additionally used hand-held particle weapons, mostly in the form of sidearms that fired green beams.

The Takret written language is similar to the script of the Cardassian language. However, they are not exactly alike.

Rellus Tagrim, Guri, and Renth were members of the Takret Militia's lower ranks, but they ultimately found their commanding officers to be corrupt due to their plundering, murderous ways. After the Militia refused their requests to resign, the three Takret deserted the organization and escaped. The Militia, in turn, began to hunt them down.

Takret captain patch

Captain's rank patch

Weeks later, on September 18th, 2152, the three Takret officers encountered the Starfleet vessel Enterprise NX-01 and, posing as stellar cartographers, sought refuge aboard the Earth ship as the crew prepared to wait out a neutronic storm. Although the Takret deserters had hoped to evade their pursuers by hiding aboard Enterprise, the Militia officers discovered them inside the storm and impounded the Starfleet vessel under the authority of the Takret Militia. The Takret officers initially believed all of the Enterprise crew had deserted the ship, but all the crew members had actually taken refuge on the catwalk within one of the ship's warp nacelles to ride out the storm. The crew ultimately drove the Militia members from the ship, and after Enterprise cleared the storm, the deserters were allowed to leave for the Gyrannan system. (ENT: "The Catwalk")

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