The Tal'Kir was a Vulcan D'kyr-type combat cruiser that was in service with the Vulcan High Command in the mid-22nd century.

In 2152, the Tal'Kir was assigned to rendezvous with Starfleet's Enterprise NX-01 to transfer an Earth vessel from the 31st century back to Earth. While waiting at the rendezvous coordinates, the vessel was attacked by four Tholian ships, which disabled the Tal'Kir's engines and weapons, and badly breached the hull on its port side, though life support remained stable.

After the Tholians withdrew, Captain Archer thanked the captain of the Tal'Kir for risking his ship and crew to help them (the other captain replied that "a ship can be replaced"), and Enterprise continued on its mission. A Vulcan transport was, in the meantime, dispatched to tow the Tal'Kir back to base. (ENT: "Future Tense")

In the final draft script of "Future Tense", the Tal'Kir was physically described as "badly damaged" and a scene description elaborated, "The Vulcan cruiser listed in space, a huge chunk of its warp drive ring blasted away. Debris drifts nearby."
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