Romulan flagship, TEI remastered

Tal's battle cruiser

Tal's flagship was a Romulan D7 class battle cruiser that served the Romulan fleet in 2268.

It originally served as the flagship of Subcommander Tal's female commander, during the capture of the USS Enterprise after it had entered the Romulan Neutral Zone, and during which time Tal served as the commanding officer his commanders absence until the commander herself was taken prisoner. During the mission, this ship was accompanied by a Bird-of-Prey and a second vessel that together surrounded the Enterprise, but were however, not able to prevent its escape. (TOS-R: "The Enterprise Incident")

The novel The Romulan Way gives Talon as the name of the Romulan flagship in this episode. A sequel by the same author, Honor Blade, gives it as Memenda. These are presumably meant to be the same name, rendered in English and the Romulan language.
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