"Tal accepted each of us. Joining made us more than we could ever be alone. And while a Human joining is unusual, Tal accepts you as well."

Tal was a Trill symbiont who was alive in the 32nd century. By 3189, Tal had taken seven hosts, with the latest being a Human, Adira. Four of Tal's hosts had been Starfleet officers, with Adira being given a Starfleet commission in 3189.

Tal was transplanted from its fifth host, Starfleet Admiral Senna, to Gray aboard a generation ship that was outbound from Earth in 3187. Just days after joining with Gray, Tal was forced to be transplanted to Adira when an asteroid impacted the generation ship, causing fatal injuries to Gray. (DIS: "People of Earth", "Forget Me Not")

After Adira properly completed the joining, Gray's consciousness began appearing to them as a separate entity. After an elaborate holoprogram briefly allowed Gray to manifest in the form of a Vulcan, he stated that he and Tal were both "stuck." (DIS: "That Hope Is You, Part 2")

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