Talarian observation craft were a type of small scout or training vessel used by the Talarians during the mid-24th century. These ships could be operated with a crew of five.

The interior of the ship was bathed in green and purple light and featured a large console with Talarian writing and symbols. Additional consoles with tubes of red blinking lights and joystick-like interfaces were present in the main room of the ship. An adjoining room was filled with small cargo crates.

During the Galen border conflicts of the 2350s, a common tactic of the Talarians was to abandon their observation craft, rig them to self-destruct and issue a general distress call. By using this particular guerrilla maneuver resulted in 219 fatalities over a three-day period.

In early 2367, the USS Enterprise-D responded to a distress call from a Talarian observation craft in Sector 21947. When approached, on stardate 44085.7, the vessel was found adrift, with its crew in danger of a life-threatening radiation leak from within its propulsion system. (TNG: "Suddenly Human")

For information about the history and design of this model, please see: Studio models.