Taleen was a Nyrian female who served as the senior officer of the Nyrian biosphere vessel.

In 2373, she assisted Dammar in taking over USS Voyager by transporting the ship's crew into the biosphere. She was in charge of the captives that were transport to the biosphere ship. She gave the crew of Voyager instructions on how to live as captives and what they could do and could not do. She explained that the Nyrians expand their civilization by switching places with the crews of ships, colonies, and space stations, and transport the crews to an artificial environment drawn from the victims' own databases.

She had an icy demeanor and ruled the biospheres with an iron fist. She saw herself as a benevolent jailer and told the crew that they would be well taken care of. She became upset with the crew's lack of appreciation. (VOY: "Displaced")

Taleen was played by actress Nancy Youngblut.
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