Talent Night was a special night Neelix created in 2373 to help the USS Voyager's crew morale while passing through the Nekrit Expanse.

Harry Kim played a clarinet solo, Tuvok recited Vulcan poetry and Kathryn Janeway performed The Dying Swan, a ballet dance she had learned at the age of six. Chakotay later remarked that while he liked Kim's music, though could have done without Tuvok's poetry reading, Janeway's performance was the highlight. Janeway later teased him to make his own performance on another talent night, like shooting an apple off Janeway's head with a phaser. Neelix petitioned Janeway to make the feature a monthly event, but asked her to find a way to keep Tuvok busy on the bridge should they hold the event again. (VOY: "Coda")

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