Today, I added some of the animals seen aboard the HMS Bounty, when Uhura compares the sounds emanated by the Whale Probe with Earth animals. With the cetaceans, the crab, the armadillo and the bat, this was no problem, as the Latin names were matching the images depicted on top of the names.

There are many more animals however, where the Latin name doesn't match the depicted animal.

For example: There's a pic of a lion that has the name Vulpex velox. This is not the Latin scientific name for the lion (Panthera leo), but for a species of fox (the Swift Fox). Later, the same Latin name is seen underneath the image of a crab.

Or: There's a pic of some kind of worm with the Latin heading Sciurus griseus which in reality is the Western Gray Squirrel.

We can assume that the Klingon computer about the Bounty somehow got things wrong and mismatched the names and pictures. Now: Should we create pages, for say, the lion AND the Swift fox, or just for the depicted animal and how are we going to deal with the wrong Latin names? I know, this is a very minor thing, but interesting nonetheless.--Jörg 23:08, 5 February 2006 (UTC)

I'd say only create a page for the depicted animal and mention in an indented and italicized note that about the messed up Latin name (The scientific name for the lion was shown as Vulpex velox, which is the scientific name of a Swift fox. We can assume that the computer on the HMS Bounty was incorrect. or something like that).--Tim Thomason 00:12, 6 February 2006 (UTC)