I've removed the entire Apocrypha section:

A similar procedure to the one inflicted upon Voq was used to surgically alter Klingon agents in the 2002 Star Trek: The Original Series - Errand of Vengeance series of novels. Those Klingons who had forehead ridges were subjected to their surgical removal. A Klingon named Kell adopted the identity of Starfleet officer Jon Anderson, although unlike Voq, he retained his original memories and personality.

I haven't read the novel and Memory Beta has no further info so I'm going on what's written here, but without the mental component, this seems like just another Arne Darvin. The similarities and dissimilarities to Darvin are already discussed on this page, and adding a second degree of separation by mentioning non-canon Darvin-analogues is a step too far. To the anonymous editor that added this: I've also removed this note from Ash Tyler (Klingon), in that case because it is not relevant to the character himself, but (depending on the details) Arne Darvin might be an acceptable place to note Kell. -- Capricorn (talk) 09:03, January 30, 2019 (UTC)
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