Wrong registryEdit

Heh... funny. "Some shots of the Columbus falsely showed the registry to be NCC-1701/7." Thats straight from the wiki for the page being discussed, and when you click on the picture for the shuttle Columbus, you can clearly see the incorrect registry number. Bad choice of picture. I don't have the TOS dvd's, but it seems that anyone who does, could snap a better picture. The preceding unsigned comment was added by Hossrex (talk • contribs).

"Some shots of the Columbus" is an understatement. The shuttle was only seen in two shots. On the first shot, only the front is visible, on the second, only the back, which is the shot on the page at the moment. The model was never relabeled "Columbus", so there is no shot of the shuttle showing the correct name. We'll have to wait till "The Galileo Seven" remastered to get a good shot of the Columbus with the proper name. --Jörg 10:37, 23 December 2006 (UTC)

Or... it could at least not have a picture which is QUITE OBVIOUSLY wrong. But... hey... who can say whats right, or wrong in this crazy mixed up world. Wait... no... a picture of a shuttle craft, with that registry, claiming to be the Columbus IS just wrong. You don't need a picture showing a correct registry number... you just need a picture of a shuttle craft that DOES NOT HAVE THE WRONG registry numbers. Quite simple, actually. The preceding unsigned comment was added by Hossrex (talk • contribs).