Recurring charactersEdit

I don't think the "Who's Who"s should count as a recurring appearance, since they're merely directories of characters from a limited portion of DC TOS characters (Volume 1 to be precise) and similar in nature to MA. Even though comics aren't canon, the stories themselves should be the crux, as are episodes/movies for canon material.

Also, perhaps they should only count as recurring (and thus warrant listing here) if they've made, say, two or three appearances on separate occasions, as in distinct story lines (not counting a continuing story line of 1-3 issues from one issue to the next, unless it's a major arc like the Mirror Universe saga). In other words, if, for example, Apollo appeared in one issue, then reappeared a few issues later, and then maybe returned for another story later on, that would warrant inclusion. But if he only appeared in one issue or a story that lasted a couple issues, but made no other appearances (other than the "Who's Who"), he shouldn't be listed as recurring.

What does everyone else think? --Sasoriza 20:24, 8 August 2006 (UTC)

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