So, while Star Trek: Star Charts did label Denobula Triaxa as Iota Boötis (ι Boötis), it's pretty clear that Mandel actually meant to label it as 44 Boötis (i Boötis) and just made the very common mistake of reading "i Boötis" in his reference source as referring to Iota Boötis (or maybe even he just misread "i" as "ι") - the stellar classes given and the physical position of the star shown in Star Charts both match i Boötis pretty much exactly, and are completely different from ι Boötis. Should that be called out in the apocryphal section, and should Wikipedia links to both stars be provided? Figured I'd ask before I went ahead and just did it myself, since I'm not sure the policy for situations like this where there's a clear mistake made in something reflecting the real world that isn't canon anyway. --Idran (talk) 15:53, November 1, 2017 (UTC)

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