Her Voice was dubbed?Edit

Anyone who know something about it? I've read that her voice sounds not good and the Producers decide to dub her voice and Judi M. Durand was heard as voice of Amarie ! – Tom 16:42, 4 March 2007 (UTC)

Yes, I can verify that. I was a friend of Harriet's in Los Angeles. Harriet was from Brooklyn, New York, and possessed a distinctive New York accent. The director of this episode thought it would be really funny to have a four-handed alien with a New York accent, playing in a piano bar. However, in the cutting room during final edits, Gene Roddenberry happened by, saw the segment and said, "What the HELL IS THAT??" The director said, "I think it's funny." And Harriet told me, words from her agent, that Gene said, "Aliens do not have New York accents. Get rid of it!" So, the director more than likely didn't think Harriet could lose the accent and hired a voice-over actress to dub her voice. Harriet was so incredibly hurt and devastated. Of course Harriet could lose the accent, as she had done many times for roles, but she wasn't even given the chance. Her agent did however manage to get Harriet a days extra pay for their "screw up" not calling Harriet to make the change. After a face full of prosthetic makeup and a voice not belonging to her, you could hardly tell it was her. She LOVED being able to walk the Star Trek Next Generation sets at Paramount that day. She took a friend of hers, who was diagnosed with AIDS, to the filming that day. But, I do remember how incredibly hurt she was that this turned out the way it did. – J. Robertson 18:18, December 12, 2017
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