Nitpick/Connumity Errors in this episode:

  • Kirk eyes move when he's "paralized"!
  • If they'd match their positions when Shea & Thompson are turned into blocks it should have been Shea who was destroyed!
  • With ST Tech. a person's pattern can be kept. "Day of the Dove" & "Relics". So why not keep Thompson? (In real life every crewmen turned into blocks would have suffered Brain death due to lack of oxygen)

We're discussing how nitpicks should be phrased and noted at Memory Alpha:Ten Forward. Certainly details of William Shatner's performance in "By Any Other Name" has nothing to do with Julie Cobb.
If there is a continuity (note the correct spelling) incongruity dealing with Thompson, it should be at the page Leslie Thompson, not listed here at Julie Cobb
The reason the crew was turned into shapes was to save power on life-support. Stating that they probably needed life-support is therefore completely incorrect -- the shape form is a form of stasis, the fact that they said they didnt require life-support is proof enough of that. Furthermore, this is again completely irrelevant to Julie Cobb, as it is a comment dealnig with the Kelvan's technology.
Also, the transporter was never used to reassmeble a person who had been physically mutilated (in fact, in Star Trek: The Motion Picture it seems that physical mutilation was damage that the transporter could cause but not correct, despite various episodes where the transporter trace was used for genetic therapy (not physical reassembly). -- Captain Mike K. Barteltalk
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