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Is that "maximum warp requests" scroll box really neccessary? I think it's kindof annoying. -- Bp 22:07, 29 March 2006 (UTC)

I agree. It makes it hard to read so I am removing it. Jaz talk | novels 22:36, 29 March 2006 (UTC)

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Many inaccuracies that need to be fixed on this page. I don't understand how to add references and don't have the time to rewrite so here are a few if someone can get to them:

  • Though originally rated for warp 5, by 2154 the installation of new warp injectors allowed the Enterprise NX-01 to push to warp 5.6
  • This is incorrect, the ship's maximum speed was increased from Warp 5 Ent:Fallen Hero to warp 5.2 achieved at the end of Ent: Affliction
  • Galaxy-class ships, such as the USS Enterprise-D, could theoretically achieve warp 9.8, but the maximum warp speeds above 9.6 could be maintained for a few hours only
  • The Enterprise's maximum speed was never stated though it was reaching for 9.7? during Farpoint
  • The 9.6 was the highest speed mentioned the Borg ship was traveling at towards earth but it was not mentioned if this was the top speed they used
  • Also while the time construction did exist it was not explicitly stated how long they were able to hold it but were reaching the end of it when they stopped the cube. How much time between the beginning and end of chase was not stated.
  • There is mention in the technical manual of high warp timeframe, i believe its permitted resource which could be added to this page.
  • Intrepid-class ships such the USS Voyager, on the other hand, could maintain it from three days up to two months. This is never stated. Also the 75 years at maximum speed was mentioned by producers during interviews to be nonsense. ( i don't have a reference for that)
  • Even though the Nova-class was designed to travel at a maximum speed of warp factor 8, when the USS Equinox powered its warp drive with energy derived from the corpses of nucleogenic lifeforms, an increase of 0.03% was added to the warp factor, allowing the velocity of traveling ten thousand light years in less than two weeks. This is phrased badly, 10 isograms would add this much but its implied they used far more then this to get 10,000 light years in two weeks.
  • Finally the warp 14.1 the 1701 achieved should probably be added, though i believe it was within moments of destroying itself, and the Excelsior was supposed to break the Enterprise's record, though its not stated if this is the record it was going to beat or one set off screen.

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Maximum speed – missing references from

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