Seems like this should be either entitled "Starfleet security officer" or be more general in detail.

New Security Division Symbol? Edit

USS Enterprise operations security badge, 2254

Unknown Division Symbol From The Cage

I recently took a look at the Cage HD, and discovered something I hadn't noticed before on the DVD ... there is a new division symbol that appears on two characters -- the guy with the clipboard who stands next to Pike on the Bridge in the opening, and the Security officer stationed at the elevator entrance (both of whom enigmatically interact with each other as Pike leaves). I had assumed it was the standard backwards "?" due to the lower resolution (and I did look). But this is clearly a unique "C" shape. If this is in fact to be included in canon wiki, should it be considered a division of operations, much like Nurse Chapel has a red cross medical symbol as part of sciences? The presumption here is that despite wearing blue shirts (as does Leslie in WNMHGB performing duties of Security), they are actually serving as support personnel, security, etc. I'm not exactly sure what the guy with the clipboard in the Cage does, but it's entirely possible he's a security chief. --Dogg (talk) 20:39, November 16, 2012 (UTC)

TOS Blue Shirt SecurityEdit

While "security" personnel were not specifically mentioned in either the Cage or WNMHGB, they were clearly seen performing such "guard" duties as duplicated by redshirts during TOS. e.g. guard stationed by the bridge door, guard holding the only weapon on a prisoner. Therefore, the distinction as canonically defined during this period from 2254 to 2265 as to patch and uniform color differences is applicable. There were guards, they wore blue shirts with unique, or "support/operations" insignia.--Dogg (talk) 20:42, November 16, 2012 (UTC)

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