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I think Enterprise subtly answered the Skon/Solkar question. Solkar was the first ambassador to earth ("The Catwalk", I think) and Skon translated Surak's teachings into English ("Two Days and Two Nights"). Both of which occured prior to 2153. Since it's logical to assume (pardon the pun, lol)the vulcans sent ambassadors very quickly after first contact, (if the first contact person wasn't solkar, this is not certain) lets assume solkar was alive in the 2060's. Skon lived between the 2060's and the 2150's. And Sarek was born in 2164. Okay, I lost my train of thought; but somebody gets the poitn I'm trying to make, right? The preceding unsigned comment was added by AJHalliwell (talk • contribs).

I still think this could be his mother. I haven't found the Vulcans to be crazy patrilinear. And a scene cut from the final script of "Journey to Babel" had Sarek's father an ambassador named Shariel. (I know that's not strictly canon, but it makes my point). There is no reason for us to assume that another culture can't say "Bob son of Sue". Jaf 03:51, 23 Sep 2005 (UTC)Jaf
I get your point, but, Vulcans have a tradition of giving S-names to the males. I know of that scene from "Journey to Babel", but even if Skon and Solkar were his father and mother, where does Shariel fit in? No, it is more likely that Skon and Solkar were his father and grandfather - especially when you assume that Solkar was the first ambassador to earth in the 2060's. He would be very old (160 probably?) when having Sarek. That's even old for a Vulcan to have a child. - T'Jara, 13:22 GMT, Jun 29th, 2006


This doesn't have any bearing on the canon article, but I thought it would be amusing to piece together a timeline of events in Skon's life from apocryphal content.


The exact year of Skon's birth is unknown.

This was in the background section. Not really useful to state an unknown, especially since he shares this distinction with a large majority of characters. -- Capricorn (talk) 11:33, March 24, 2017 (UTC)
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