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Abbreviation Edit

I was under the impression the arrived at abbreviation for the series was DSC, not DIS. 11:59, September 25, 2017 (UTC)

Maybe officially by CBS, but not on Memory Alpha. Please see: this discussion. --Alan del Beccio (talk) 12:02, September 25, 2017 (UTC)
The conversation you linked to is a bunch of editors saying you should use DSC and admin saying it's been decided. One of the stated goals was uniformity, but it seems like other major Trek sites are converging around DIS (by my count, including TrekCore, TrekMovie, the two major Star Trek subreddits and of course the official I understand that this decision had been made, but I wonder if it's worth revisiting at the end of the season. It would be unfortunate if the rest of the fandom converges around DSC but MA alone is using DIS. --- Jaz 01:25, October 12, 2017 (UTC) (Edit: and DSC is being used in-show, in last week's episode "DSC" was stamped on the outside of a shuttle. This would follow the precedent of DS9 of using the same acronym as in-universe.--- Jaz 01:29, October 12, 2017 (UTC))
So, that's why we also use VGR? That's the official CBS acronym for Voyager. It was on some shuttles too.
At MA, we set in place the format of using the first three letters from single word titles (VOY, ENT, and now... DIS). We're just being consistent with it. So what if things don't always match up. -- sulfur (talk) 02:03, October 12, 2017 (UTC)

VHS and DVD releases Edit

Maybe we should wait til there's some kind of answer, first, about whether the show will be released on DVD, Blu-ray, and/or VHS before adding the typical "VHS and DVD releases" subheading in all the episode articles? --Defiant (talk) 12:32, September 25, 2017 (UTC)

I had them all there commented out in case there were any particular ones we needed later, but I guess someone made them all visible again. I'll fix it so they're hidden again. -- Michael Warren | Talk 12:38, September 25, 2017 (UTC)

Production companies Edit

Clarification - is bad robot still involved in production or not? 20:33, September 26, 2017 (UTC)

Behind the scenes imagesEdit

[1] --LauraCC (talk) 21:03, September 26, 2017 (UTC)

Episode transcripts? Edit

I've recently been in contact with Chrissie, who runs the Chakoteya transcripts website. She's not able to upload transcriptions of the Star Trek: Discovery episodes there, so I've been wondering if there's any support for the creation of DIS episode transcripts hosted on MA? Of course, as has been found with Chrissie's excellent website, transcripts make the building of MA's encyclopedic content much easier. This could continue with Discovery. --Defiant (talk) 15:19, October 5, 2017 (UTC)

I noticed that this site has transcripts, though I never used it and have no idea how trustworthy it is. As for your idea, to the extent that it's not a copyright problem it seems like a good idea on the face of it. -- Capricorn (talk) 15:48, October 5, 2017 (UTC)
Can Chrissie not do it for legal reasons? (I don't need to know the reason if not) I'm undecided but I would say that if we did it for DIS we would probably need to do it for the other shows/films too. 31dot (talk) 15:52, October 5, 2017 (UTC)
The problem with the Springfield one is that it's hard to know who's speaking in some transcripts. --LauraCC (talk) 15:57, October 5, 2017 (UTC)
It would be nice to have transcript of all episodes and movies right here at the most definitive reference source for everything related to Star Trek. There's wiki's that do that, the ones for Fringe and Adventure Time come to mind. But I don't think we nescesarily need to have transcripts for all series if we have them for DIS, it could be a resource for internal use, an in-house solution to a problem our users face and no one else is providing a solution for. -- Capricorn (talk) 17:47, October 5, 2017 (UTC)
"to the extent that it's not a copyright problem" - well, I would say it's a pretty big copyright problem. Very unlikely to be able to justify fair use for reproducing the entire episode. Even if that weren't an issue, I think an encyclopaedia creating its own sources to rely upon is a bit iffy. -- Michael Warren | Talk 18:23, October 5, 2017 (UTC)

Erroneous official descriptionsEdit

Has anyone noticed this paragraph floating around and caught the error?

Created by Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman for CBS All Access, the story of ``Star Trek: Discovery begins roughly a decade before Captain Kirk's five-year mission -- as portrayed in the original "Star Trek" from the 1960s -- and a century before the events of "Star Trek: Enterprise." The series follows the crew of the USS Discovery as they encounter new worlds and civilizations, delving into familiar themes and expanding upon an incident that has been talked about within the franchise's universe, but never fully explored.

I noticed this when browsing CraveTV and seeing Discovery was already there (although I'm just gonna watch it on Space on Demand, long as I finish before February). A decade before Kirk's 5-year mission sounds right... but a century BEFORE Enterprise? Enterprise was a prequel to Kirk!

You can see this at the archive of at not sure how many sources carry this mistake.

CBS phrases it correctly at

the series will act as a bridge between the first two series in the timeline, about a century after Star Trek: Enterprise (which was a prequel) and a decade before The Original Series

Does anyone know the first instance we can locate of this AFTER>BEFORE change regarding Enterprise and how many official distributors are misrepresenting the show like this? What noob even wrote this? Clearly not someone who watched Enterprise. Did they perhaps get it mixed up with NextGen/DS9/Voyager? talk2ty 19:19, December 13, 2017 (UTC)

If that wasn't bad enough, you have people ripping this off and trying to pass it off as original writing by changing a few verb tenses (18 January 2019)

Discovery begins a decade before Captain Kirk's five-year mission in the 1960s series and a century before the events of Star Trek: Enterprise.
The series followed the crew of the USS Discovery as they encounter new worlds and civilizations while delving into familiar themes. Discovery also expanded upon the Federation-Klingon war, an incident that has been talked about within the franchise's universe, but never fully explored.

Do the pair of Tilly Pearce and Joanne Kavanaugh represent the current state of reporting on TV science fiction in current year? talk2ty 05:45, January 31, 2019 (UTC)

You thought there was some kind of grand journalistic tradition in tv science fiction reporting? But anyway, unless there's an error on this very article, all this doesn't really seem all that relevant to us. Some website making a mistake while trying to cover Trek is not very noteworthy. -- Capricorn (talk) 06:44, January 31, 2019 (UTC)