Win32 compatibility Edit

The article says this is only compatible with Win 3.1 and that when they released a version 2.0, they made it Win32 compatible. However, I just happened to pick up a disc of this that says, "Version 1.3" on it, and it works just fine under Windows XP. I also got it working really well in Wine by setting compatibility mode to "Windows XP".

Perhaps the article needs correction? 22:02, March 15, 2013 (UTC)

32-bit version info Edit

I happen to have the 32-bit version, boxed/sold as ST Classics: Technical Manual (9780671317805). It's officially v2.0.

Min. Sys. Req.
Windows: 95/98 | Pentium 90 or higher | 16-bit color
Macintosh: Power PC | System 7.5 or above | Thousands of colors
16 MB free RAM | 15 MB HDD space | 2x CD-ROM (4x recommended)

Rec. Sys. Req.
Windows: 200 MHz or Faster | 24 MB free memory | 35 MB HDD | 8X or faster CD-ROM drive
Macintosh: 200 MHz or faster | 24 MB free memory (without Virtual Memory on) | 30 MB free space on HDD | 8X or faster CD-ROM drive
Kwif (talk) 22:15, October 19, 2014 (UTC)

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