This article says a standard transporter works in normal space, but the transporter article says that it uses subspace. I think something needs fixing

Transporter does not use subspace

The normal transporter does not use subspace, according to TNG Bloodlines (via -

LAFORGE: We think we've found something, Captain.

DATA: Bok was in direct contact with this chair for an extended period. It is showing a distinctive subspace signature as a result.

LAFORGE: We think he's using some sort of subspace transporter to beam aboard the Enterprise.

PICARD: My understanding is that such devices were impractical.

DATA: The Federation abandoned its research in the field because the technology was found to be unreliable, as well as energy intensive.

LAFORGE: In order to transport matter through subspace, you have to put it into a state of quantum flux. It's very unstable.

Finding from here:

Also note that the TNG Technical Manual does not mention the method of transmission (no reference to subspace):


I removed the following speculation. --From Andoria with Love 21:48, 17 May 2009 (UTC)

Subspace transporters may be related, or indeed, the same technology as transwarp beaming, developed by Montgomery Scott in the Prime Universe and seen in use in the alternate universe of (Star Trek). Their operation in the film are almost entirely consistent with the characteristics of subspace transporters - negation of shields, huge range, unreliability.''
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