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The Doctor Scrubbing Edit

The Doctor sings in Sick Bay which Kes finds peculiar. He does this while "scrubbing", using what looks like a 24th-century equivalent, a red light which probably irradiates or eliminates any surface chemicals or germs. My question is: Why would a *holographic* Doctor would need to scrub in order to clean his hands?

Perhaps he doesn't need to--his program is malfunctioning, perhaps he has forgotten he doesn't need to scrub. Later he doesn't seem to understand that he's a hologram (asking why he can't go into the corridor, and looking puzzled at Kes's response.
Or maybe he can accumulate germs/chemicals, as he is still in "solid" form, although he could purge his system of them or something. After all, his program has a combadge, when he could probably just tap directly into the communications system. Prototype 01 18:59, December 10, 2009 (UTC)

the soprano Edit

Her final words are reproduced as "Imbecille, pensa veramente... (Imbecile, he truly thinks...)". As an Italian, I'm fairly sure she's using a formal way of speaking, similar to French "vous" and Spanish "usted" (I'm not sure, but perhaps in old English there was a similar distinction between "you" and "thee", although it involved only the pronouns), and thus would translate it as "Imbecile, you really believe/think...". Just to contribute.