Split Suggestion Edit

I suggest that all references on this page should be split between Treaty of Alliance and Federation-Klingon Alliance depending on which was referred to. It's unclear from this page, but I'm guessing "Treaty of Alliance" was a one-off reference from "Sarek".

First, an alliance is more than just the treaty that creates it. As noted and cited on the page, the Federation-Klingon Alliance is an important part of the balance of power in the Alpha/Beta Quadrants. But the treaty itself doesn't do that; rather the economic, military and political realities do. Likewise, the stuff about the Dominion breaking up the alliance and attempting to do so is about this political relationship, not the treaty itself.

Second, DS9 equates the existence/non-existence of the Alliance with the Khitomer Accords rather than the "Treaty of Alliance". I think its fairer to have a Federation-Klingon Alliance page which can note the ambiguity than to lump all Federation-Klingon alliance stuff on this page. It seems more consistent to say that the Alliance comprises/ is founded upon several treaties, including the Treaty of Alliance AND the Khitomer Accords. – Cleanse 03:37, 16 July 2008 (UTC)

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