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The origins for this ship was based on the charitable Star Trek grouping named "USS BRADBURY" based in Saint Charles, IL which donated regularly to Children with brain tumors organization and did security for many of the Star Trek conventions that ran through the Chicago and Rockford, IL area. We took our name from Illinois born writer, Ray Bradbury.

Our charter originated in the late 1980's and ran through till mid 2000's when founding leader and Commanding Officer Patricia ??? married and moved away to Florida --- and the crew disbanded. From 1995-2002 I was the Chief Security Officer, and took minutes for every monthly meeting. Our Crew never exceeded 10 members, sadly, so we remained a blip on the radar, but it was of special honor to us when the USS Bradbury showed up in the Menage' A Troi episode in 1990.... and Paramount presented a plaque to our crew at the time to commemorate our achievements in financially supporting the Pediatric Brain Cancer Org. This plaque was dear to our memory and was proudly displayed at all of our monthly meetings.

I wish I could tell you more.... but as I am now pushing 60 years old, my memory isn't nearly what it used to be.

```` Wayne Shuman, Chief Security Officer, USS Bradbury 1995-2002 The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk) at 14:19, 2 April 2016‎.

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