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Her name meant "Boldness, Energy and Invention in Practical Affairs," according to her nation's Navy Historical Center.
The Enterprise was launched on 3 October 1936 in the Newport News yards. The ship had a crew of 1889 (2919 during wartime) and could load up to 81 planes which could be started on three catapults (two on the main deck and one seldom-used catapult on the hangar deck). During the Second World War the ship fought in the Pacific Ocean and is known as the most decorated ship of the war. The ship participated in the historic Battle of Midway, that turned the tide of the war. The ship was struck from the Naval Vessels Register in 1958 after more than a decade in decommissioned reserve and sold to be scrapped after an extended but ultimately failed effort to preserve her as a museum ship for future generations. Ex-Enterprise met her sad end at Kearny, New Jersey.
The Starfleet vessels USS Enterprise, as well as the sister vessels USS Hornet and USS Yorktown, will be named in honor of the vessel.

With the exception of the last paragraph, this has ZERO to do with anything Trek history has established and is best to be left to wikipedia or other sources. The last paragraph is probably more relevant on the Hornet and Yorktown pages than it is here. --Alan del Beccio 21:49, 8 February 2006 (UTC)

As the lineage of Trek's Enterprises includes this ship, the meaning of the name merits inclusion. --StarFire209 13:24, 31 August 2007 (UTC)

I'm not usualy in the habit of just pointing out stuff for someone else to do, but....

If there's an image from this ship in TMP then the article would really benefit from it being here. Right now it even feels a bit weird to me that it's not here, as there is an image on the page which is much less irrelevant then a picture of the ship would be. Gives it a bit of a "we don't have the ship, but here's the next best thing" vibe. Sorry again if this is a bit demanding, I would have "fixed" this myself but my copy of tmp is with a friend. -- Capricorn 13:21, November 11, 2010 (UTC)


I removed the following note. It was tagged as citation needed, but to be honest even with a citation its not really relevant to this page, which is about the ship as it appears in Star Trek. The link to Wikipedia covers the real-world material:

  • The tales of Enterprise's exploits in the Pacific were very famous and many movies were made about her and her crew. Her name meant "Boldness, Energy and Invention in Practical Affairs," according to her nation's Navy Historical Center.

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