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One of the more prolific German military vehicles, 66,000 units (together with its amphibious Volkswagen Schwimmwagen sibling) were produced during the war, many of them surviving the war to end up in museums or private collections, including the ones featured in the Star Trek episodes. Actually, the Kübelwagen (which translates as "bucket car") was the militarized version of the Volkswagen Beetle (also seen on Ekos), which had begun production in 1938, but whose production was suspended with the outbreak of war – some of the relatively few produced ones appropriated for officer use in the war. Almost seamlessly, the Kübelwagen reverted back to its civilian role after the war, and the Beetle became one of the most successful vehicles in automotive history. As if to underscore the success of the Kübelwagen, it reinvented itself in the form of the military Volkswagen 181 in 1968. While perhaps not as powerful, the Kübelwagen was every bit as versatile and rugged as its American counterpart was, the Jeep, also featured in "The Killing Game, Part II".

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