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The television series Star Trek debuted in the United States on September 8, 1966, telling the tale of the crew of the USS Enterprise and their five-year mission "to boldly go where man has gone before." Gaining extraordinary world-wide popularity, the show spawned an animated series and conventions of fans around the planet – which in turn helped fuel major motion pictures and no fewer than three separate latter-day television series.
Talkin' Trek and Other Stories features conversations with several actors who were there at the inception of the original series, including George Takei (Sulu), Grace Lee Whitney (Rand), and James Doohan (Scotty), who share their memories of the science fiction phenomenon. They are joined by additional performers (Armin Shimerman, Robin Curtis, Nick Tate) who appeared in later series and film incarnations. Other interviewees include behind-the-scenes professionals Susan Sackett and Eric A. Stillwell, as well as the Star Trek creator himself, Gene Roddenberry.
"Anthony Wynn, as interviewer, does a good job of guiding the conversation; he appears to be a genuine fan and that shows through."
- The Asian Reporter, Portland, Oregon
Not only limited to their various involvements with Star Trek – a number of the interviews in this book delve deeper into the respective careers, activities, and other notable credits of the performers and professionals both prior to and following their work on the iconic show.
"This book highlights and gives a good insight into the establishment and beginnings of the working lives of performers."
- Barry Morse, Actor & Director
Anthony Wynn is author of the stage drama Bernard and Bosie: A Most Unlikely Friendship, performed in England and the USA. He is also coauthor (with Barry Morse and Robert E. Wood) of Merely Players - The Scripts, Stories of the Theatre, and Remember with Advantages, the theatrical memoir of actor Barry Morse.

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