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Talla was the daughter of former Andorian Imperial Guard Commander Shran and Jhamel. She was born in 2156.

As the hybrid offspring of an Andorian and Aenar, Talla had a skin of a paler blue than that of a regular Andorian. Unlike the Aenar, however, Talla had seemingly fully functional eyesight.

In 2161, Talla was kidnapped in the middle of the night by former "associates" of her father. Her father enlisted the help of his old friend Jonathan Archer in rescuing her. The mission was successful, and Talla was unharmed during the ordeal. Once safely aboard Enterprise, she thanked Archer personally, calling him "pink skin". (ENT: "These Are the Voyages...")


Background information

Talla was played by Jasmine Anthony.

In the final draft script of "These Are the Voyages...", Talla was referred to as an "Andorian girl", with no reference to the Aenar side of her genetic makeup, and was noted as being four years old during her rescue. Talla thanking Archer wasn't scripted, despite the fact she does so in the final version of the episode.


While the Star Trek: Enterprise continuation novel series established early on that much of the ENT-era events of "These Are the Voyages..." had in fact been fabricated by Section 31, the actual non-holographic Talla makes an appearance in The Good That Men Do. She also has a counterpart (β) in the mirror universe, seen in "Age of the Empress".

She was given the full name "Anishtalla zh'Dhaven" in To Brave the Storm.

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