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Tamal was a Human male during the late-24th century.

At some point after 2369, Tamal met rogue Starfleet officer Thomas Riker who recruited him into the renegade Maquis.

In 2371, Tamal was part of Riker's plan to steal the USS Defiant from Deep Space 9 and take it to the Orias system in search of a secret Cardassian starbase. On board the Defiant, Tamal treated Kira Nerys wounds after she tried to sabotage the ship's cloaking device by crossing the replicator power converter with a plasma manifold.

When Riker surrendered himself to the Cardassians, Tamal, along with Kalita and the other Maquis, returned to Federation space aboard the Defiant, where they were taken into custody. (DS9: "Defiant")

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Tamal was played by actor Michael Canavan in his first of three Star Trek appearances. He filmed his scenes for this episode between Thursday 6 October 1994 and Friday 7 October 1994 and Monday 10 October 1994 and Tuesday 11 October 1994 on Paramount Stage 18. His makeup artist for this episode was Dean Jones.

The script for "Defiant" states the pronunciation of his name as "TUH-mal". [1]

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The Star Trek Customizable Card Game series CCG: Necessary Evil suggests Tamal was a technician and former petty officer aboard the USS Gandhi when he was recruited to the Maquis by Riker. He also enjoys studying early Earth warp technology. [2]

In the Slings and Arrows eBook A Weary Life, Tamal and his fellow Maquis are to be transported to Starbase 375, and from there to Earth in order to stand trial. However, their runabout is intercepted by a Maquis cell led by Maass and they escape captivity. Tamal later joins Maass's cell, but dies just months later. The story takes place in the year 2372.

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