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The Tandarans were a humanoid race that originated on Tandar Prime in the Alpha Quadrant.


Tandarans were characterized by their humanoid appearance; they possessed two arms, two legs, and a head with distinct facial features. Notably, Tandarans were often recognized by a distinctive feature on the bridge of their nose. While there may have been minor variations among individuals, the overall physical attributes of Tandarans were consistent with the humanoid template. (ENT: "Detained")


The Tandarans were at war with the Cabal since 2144. Shortly after the war began, the Tandarans began questioning the loyalty of the unallied Suliban living in the Tandar sector. They were relocated to places such as Detention Complex 26 "temporarily." Years later, they were still waiting to be released.

In 2152, Tandaran forces shot down a shuttlepod carrying two Humans, Captain Jonathan Archer and Ensign Travis Mayweather, when they mistakenly entered a restricted military zone on the moon. The Humans were detained and questioned by Colonel Grat, who believed they were not associated with the Suliban but couldn't release them due to regulations.

The Humans awoke up in a prison cell and explored the corridors and discovered that all the inmates were Suliban. They tried to gather information about their situation. They encountered a Suliban who informed them about the ongoing war between the Tandarans and the Suliban. Colonel Grat explained that their release was pending an appearance before a magistrate on Tandar Prime, and they would be transported there in three days. Archer wanted to contact their starship, Enterprise (NX-01), but Grat said it was against regulations. Grat assured Archer that he would inform Enterprise personally.

The Humans were told to keep to themselves and not get too close to the Suliban detainees. Meanwhile, Enterprise attempted to locate their missing crewmembers. The ship's crew discussed their options, with Tucker considering a rescue mission and T'Pol advocating for diplomacy. Eventually, Enterprise set a course for Tandar Prime. Inside the detention complex, Archer learned from a Suliban named Danik that not all Suliban were part of the Cabal or genetically enhanced. The alarm went off multiple times, and tensions rose among the detainees. Archer tried to enlist the Suliban in an escape plan, but initially, they were skeptical. However, Danik eventually agreed to help.

Archer and Travis were beamed a communicator by Enterprise, allowing them to contact their starship. Instead of requesting immediate rescue, Archer decided to aid the Suliban escape. Meanwhile, Enterprise faced threats from Colonel Grat, who demanded their withdrawal.

Mayweather tried to convince a Suliban named Sajen to join the escape, while Archer engaged in a heated conversation with Colonel Grat. Suliban detainees initiated their escape attempts as Malcolm Reed, disguised as a Suliban, rescued Archer from isolation. A firefight ensued, but the Humans managed to escape with the Suliban. (ENT: "Detained")

In February 2152, Jonathan Archer encountered a physically altered Tandaran agent named Keyla on Risa. He noted that her surgeons "did a nice job," adding that "[a]ll the Tandarans I met had a very distinctive feature, right here [on the bridge of the nose]." (ENT: "Two Days and Two Nights")

Society and culture[]

Tandarans were a highly militaristic society, strongly influenced by the ongoing conflict with the Suliban Cabal. The war created an atmosphere of suspicion and fear, leading the Tandarans to question the loyalty of all Suliban residing within their territory. As a result, the Tandarans resorted to relocating the Suliban to detention camps, where they were held indefinitely.

Detention Complex 26 served as one such facility, housing the detained Suliban population. The Tandarans enforced strict regulations within the complex, restricting communication with the outside world and discouraging interactions between the Tandarans and the Suliban detainees. Tandaran authorities, including Colonel Grat, were in charge of overseeing the complex and maintaining control over both the Tandarans and Suliban. (ENT: "Detained")


The Tandarans were governed by a military-led system, indicating the significant influence of the military in their society. Colonel Grat was one of the key figures overseeing the detention complex and acting as a representative of Tandaran authority. The Tandarans' strict regulations and control over the Suliban detainees reflected the authoritative nature of their government. (ENT: "Detained")


In terms of technology, the Tandarans were warp-capable and possessed advanced capabilities consistent with the level of development in the mid-22nd century. They had the means to relocate and detain large populations, such as the Suliban, and maintain secure detention facilities. The Tandarans also had access to starships and communication systems, as seen in their contact with Captain Archer and the starship Enterprise. (ENT: "Detained")





Background information[]

In the final draft script of "Detained", the Tandarans were introduced with the description, "Aside from a distinct cranial pattern, they closely resemble Humans." The Tandaran guards in Detention Complex 26 were also scripted to wear uniforms.

It seems likely this species was originally called Mazarite. Initial reports from the making of the installment refer to them as such. [1] In addition, a page from the "Detained" script referred to one of the Tandarans as a "Marazite" even on the same date as the name was finalized, suggesting this was a typo (which may explain why it wasn't removed). The name Mazarite was later used for a different species in ENT: "Fallen Hero".

In dialogue from an almost entirely rewritten scene from the script of "Detained", T'Pol disingenuously told Colonel Grat, "I've been doing some research on your species. You appear to be a gregarious, amiable race, that disapproves of violence." Later in the same scene, she asked him if the Tandaran government was prepared to answer for the deaths of the Enterprise crew members and finally concluded, "If I may be so bold, Colonel... I believe it's logical to assume that, one day, your world and Earth will establish formal relations."

The rank pips of the Tandarans may be a reuse of the rank pips used by the crew on the USS Relativity from VOY: "Relativity". The same pins were also re-used for the Lokirrim in VOY: "Body and Soul".

A Tandaran security patch, a seven-pointed star, was among the items which were sold off on the It's A Wrap! sale and auction on eBay. [2]

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