Two Tandaran patrol ships

Tandaran patrol ships were a type of vessel utilized by the Tandarans during the mid-22nd century.

Enterprise was attacked by two vessels of this class in circa 2151, while attempting to rescue Jonathan Archer and Travis Mayweather from Tandaran Detention Complex 26. Despite being outnumbered, Enterprise, under the command of Sub-Commander T'Pol, was able to inflict enough damage to these vessels to force them to land on the planet's surface for repairs. (ENT: "Detained")

In the final draft script of "Detained", Grat instead referred to these vessels as "interceptors" (although they were, elsewhere in the teleplay, referred to as "patrol ships"). They were not physically described in the script but Grat additionally spoke about them being capable of warp drive. Though the two ships immediately open fire on Enterprise in the episode, they were scripted as giving Enterprise a final warning via audio; T'Pol responded that the patrol ships were outmatched by Enterprise. Ironically, during the ensuing battle, the patrol ships were more persistent than they are in the final version of the installment, one of the pair even attacking Shuttlepod 2 as it descended. The other patrol ship continued its offensive against Enterprise but was ignored by the starship, which opted to target the engines of the lead patrol ship, causing it to explode.
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