Tandaran pistol

A Tardaran pistol

A Tandaran pistol was a type of weapon used by Tandarans. This pistol was colored light grey with black highlights and had a long barrel.

At Detention Complex 26, Colonel Grat was armed with a Tandaran pistol. He firstly used it to pistol-whip Malcolm Reed, who was disguised as a Suliban, and then confronted Starfleet Captain Jonathan Archer with the weapon, inside the internment camp's isolation cell. After Reed and the captain jumped Grat, Archer turned the pistol on him, gesturing as if about to strike him with it. The captain then took the weapon out of the cell, accompanying Reed and locking the door on Grat. (ENT: "Detained")

The Tandaran pistol is not named on screen; its designation comes from the final draft script of "Detained". The weapon was scripted to initially be used by Grat to confront Archer, then be knocked out of the colonel's hand, and finally be used by Reed to coldcock Grat.
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