The Tanuga IV research station was a Regula I-type research station administrated by the Tanugans in orbit of Tanuga IV at a minimum distance of 5,000 kilometers. It was destroyed in 2366, on stardate 43610.3.

Dr. Nel Apgar worked on his Krieger wave converter on the station with his assistant Tayna. His wife, Manua Apgar, also stayed on the station. The station was designed to work in conjunction with a lambda field generator located on the planet's surface.

Though working with Starfleet on this project as a means of generating a new power source, Apgar misrepresented his work, hoping to profit from it as a weapon.

During the delivery of additional supply of dicosilium to the station in 2366, Commander William T. Riker and Geordi La Forge stayed in the guest quarters overnight after they were dropped off at the station by the USS Enterprise-D.

While La Forge worked with Tayna on reviewing the technology, Riker and the Apgars toasted with a glass of champagne in the station's living area. Later, Mrs. Apgar showed Riker the guest quarters, where Dr. Apgar found Riker and his wife in a compromising position leading to a small fight between the two men.

The station was destroyed the following day by an explosion in the laboratory. When Commander Riker was beamed off the station, Dr. Apgar directed an energy charge from the Krieger wave converter at the commander. The energy was deflected from the transporter beam however, and hit the reactor core, thereby causing the explosion that destroyed the station and killing Apgar in the blast. (TNG: "A Matter of Perspective")

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