The Tanuga IV research station was a space station administrated by the Tanugans in orbit of Tanuga IV. It was destroyed on stardate 43610.3, in the year 2366.

Doctor Nel Apgar worked on his Krieger wave converter on the station with his assistant Tayna. His wife, Manua Apgar, also stayed on the station.

The station had three major areas, the most important being the laboratory, a living area and guest quarters. It was powered by a reactor core.



Tanuga station laboratory

The laboratory

The laboratory was the central location of the science station. It consisted of a large open room with 4 windows and several computers and consoles. Dr. Apgar's Krieger wave converter was located at the center of the laboratory, easily accessible from all sides. Two smaller computer workstations were located at a higher level of the laboratory, close to two corridors leading away from the lab. One lead to the living area and another to the communications station. People beaming onto the station were normally transported onto the lower level of the lab.

According to the script of the episode, the lab was dominated by "a large array of energy-focusing condensers, field coils, refractors, and so forth. Nearby is a medium-sized power reactor."

Living areaEdit

Tanuga station living area

The living area

The living area was the part of the station were the Apgars' personal rooms were located. The major living room was painted green and featured several black leather couches next to a large glass table. Several pieces of art were found in the room, some on a wide sill beneath a large pink window. Commander William T. Riker and the Apgars toasted with a glass of champagne in this room.

Guest quartersEdit

Tanuga station guest quarters

The guest quarters

The guest quarters were decorated by Manua Apgar. She considered the room her sanctuary, a place where she could be on her own on the small station for a while. The walls were painted purple and the room featured a large bed, a table and couches, several cabinets, flowers and pieces of art. The environmental controls of the room were located next to the door. Geordi La Forge and Commander Riker were staying in this room overnight when they were dropped off at the station by the USS Enterprise-D. It was in this room were Dr. Apgar found Riker and his wife in a compromising position leading to a small fight between the two men.


The station was destroyed by an explosion in the laboratory on stardate 43610.3. When Commander Riker wanted to beam off the station, Dr. Apgar directed an energy charge from the Krieger wave converter at the commander. The energy was deflected from the transporter beam however, and hit the reactor core, thereby causing the explosion that destroyed the station killing Apgar in the blast. (TNG: "A Matter of Perspective")

Background information Edit

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